Monday, September 10, 2007

The girls are sick now

Well the girls are both sick now. Just a stuffy/runny nose. I'm not surprised since Hannah was coughing all over them for the past two weeks. What are you going to do? I could have told her over and over and she still wouldn't have understood what i meant when i told her to cover her mouth and turn the other way when she coughed. I guess the good part is that they are both so big and healthy(i know i know...we are truly blessed) i'm not that worried about them. On another note, Hannah is much better. She is completly well and no more coughing. I'm still giving her her Z-pac and the inhalers and it all seems to be working. Hannah is actually doing very well on the inhaling now when i give her albuterol i can give it to her through the inhaler and it goes straight to the lungs...and it may actually work unlike the syrup.

On another note, Sam is doing much better crawling. She is starting to move fast too. I'm glad they are doing so well and hitting all their milestones right on time even though they are really 4 weeks behind. Lately, i don't even think of them as 4 weeks early b/c they are really right on target with a regular 40 week baby. Once again...what a blessing!

We went to Melodys girls bday party the other day...Sydney and Katlyn are officially ONE! I can't believe how time has just flown by. They are so big and soo cute! She is so blessed too! I took the twins and Paul and Hannah stayed home and did some father/daughter bonding. There were a ton of babies there...poor Sydney was sick and didn't come out to play for long. Poor baby! Sabrina who is also a MOM brought her babies so there were 3 sets of twins. Pretty cute! Sabrinas babies were also very micro preemies. They were born at 25 weeks and aren't doing well. I felt so guilty(and i know i shouldn't) that my girls are so big, healthy and mobile at 8.5 months. Sabrinas are going to be one in October and arent' doing well. One is really really sick and not doing anything...aka sitting, crawling, rolling etc. The other sweet baby is just sitting and rolling...It's so sad and i feel so bad for her and those sweet babies. It's great that she's getting out though and not sitting in home feeling bad about the whole situation.

I really need a nap...the girls got up at 5a! UGH! We let them cry and whine till about 530ish and then went and got them up. I really honestly think they are having a growing spurt. They are eating soo much. I'm giving them 6 bottles a day still and they are eating a yobaby yobaby yogurt when we eat breakfast and then after their morning bottle at 9a they get cereal and fruit...then with dinner they eat cherrios and biter biscuits...they eat SOO MUCH!

Thats it for now...i have some pics to post...just haven't found time yet. I will get them up soon!