Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My old job & Daycare for the girls

Well after 3 years in home i'm really starting to want to go back to work. I emailed my old boss last week and told her i'd love to go to lunch with her sometime soon. I told her that if she didn't come by and see the girls soon i'd also be forced to bring them! :) Not that that's a bad thing or punishment... Anyway i also wrote and told her i kinda missed working and needed some real adult interaction and conversation. Anyway to make a long story short, the lady they hired to take my place 3 years ago...gosh i can't believe i haven't worked in 3 years, anyway she quit last week. She asked me if i wanted to come back to work I really wanted to and i told her so. We called St. Rose to see if we could get the girls in to everyday daycare...they are booked full in the baby room. Needless to say i guess it was a sign that i shouldn't put the girls in school ft yet. Anyway, my old boss said she was going to hire temp to hire and if i decide in Jan that i want to come back she would love it. She also said she'd pay me good and even if i worked 20 hrs a week i'd qualify for benefits...which would be REALLY good considering how bad Pauls are since he's such a small company. Having benefits alone would be great! Anyway we'll see what happens.

Second of all, my 3 year old has definitely hit her terrible 2's! I just don't know what her little problem is lately. She will do anything possible to make me mad or get in trouble! ANYTHING! For instance, she bite Sarah the other day...She knocks the girls down all the time, she tried to catch mr. beta the other day with her hand(the only reason i found this out was because there was water all over the carpet in her room and i asked where it came from..she told me she tried but couldn't catch him)...WHAT IN THE WORLD? She has also stood on things to get up on the counters to get things down and i could go on and on... Anyway, i don't know what to do? I try to punish her but she never really takes me seriously! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! She really pushed me over the edge when we got home from dinner sunday night and we put the girls in their little play area. 1 minute later i hear a baby screaming...i go over and i asked Hannah what happened..she said "i bite Sarah"...WHAT? So i looked and sure was a horrible horrible tooth mark on Sarah's finger. I was sooo mad! Paul was too! How are we going to do this when we have 3 like her??? I can't even imagine! I'm going to pack my bags and move to Mexico...and leave the girls with Paul! LOL! Just kidding! I can dream it though!

Anyway that's it for now. Please keep the prayers coming for the quad MOM in our group! Her baby has had 2 surgeries and is 6 days old. They had to put a cologospy on him and cut off a ton of his small intestine b/c it wasn't working. POOR POOR BABY! We are just sooo blessed to have such Healthy babies! I know it and i thank God everyday!