Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Showers for Hannah

My MOM group sent out this yahoo post talking about when a child should start to take showers. It made me think...wouldn't it be nice and so much easier if Hannah would take a shower. Since i truly don't like giving baths and Hannah has had a urinary tract infection in the past, which could well have been from taking baths, i've decided to try them with her myself. The first time i got in with her...she showered and i showered. The one time back when she was 1 i tried it while we were on the cruise to Mexico and she cried the whole time. NOW, she loves them! Paul and I are both so happy...you don't have to worry about UTI's, don't have to worry about drowning, don't have to watch her SOO close, etc.

Secondly, the girls are adjusting to their crib naps pretty well. I think they cry about the same amount as they did when i'd put them in their swings..so no biggie. I think it's time to put the swings away and close another chapter of our life! O how i like the fact that we are done forever with all the following:
1. night feedings
2. baby carriers
3. crying all day
4. being scared to get out with 2 babies
5. sleep deprivation
6. swings
7. size 1-3 diapers
8. 0-6 month baby clothes
9. exersaucers
10. baby bathtub
11. dreft(the girls have no reaction to regular detergent and our front loader washer can't take the suds anymore...so we tried to switch to reg detergent before we blew up another motor).
12. size 1-2 nipples
13. small bottles
14. pack n plays
15. cradle

think that's it for now...o yeah..16 weeks and counting till we can start regular milk...gosh i can't wait for that!

On another note: on of our MOMS just had quads(i think the first set of all 4 surviving since i've been in the group) and one of the babies is really sick. Please say a prayer for her and her babies even though you don't know them.