Saturday, September 08, 2007


My girls made me SOO PROUD today! We went to dinner tonight and 2 seperate families said what good girls we had and how well behaved they were. Paul and I were soo proud. We couldn't have imagined 4 months ago that we'd be taking all three girls to lunch and dinner soo much. Really all we have to do is feed them and they are happy! Hannah was soo good too. She ate some shrimp and did some coloring. What a great time for all.

Secondly, we've decided to take our first family vacation. Of course to some it probably wouldn't be much of a vacation. BUT we are going to San Antonio for 3 days this month. I just booked the hotel and it's going to be nice. At the same time i feel discriminated against. We tried to get two pack n plays/cribs at the hotel and they would only give us ONE! WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT? We have three children! I'm furious and i feel sorry for the manager of the hotel the day we check in. LOL!!! I'm definitely going to let them know how i feel about that! Anyhow, we have a wonderful suite and Hannah will sleep on the couch and the girls will sleep in seperate cribs. I'm soo excited! We may just hang out on the riverwalk...we may take a drive over to the botanical gardens b/c they have a dora exhibit! Hannah will love that!

Lastly, Hannah is doing much better now. Her cough is still bad...but the dr. put her on some steroids for asthma and a z-pac. She should be back together in no time.

O yeah before i forget...Sarah is just a trucking along. She now has all 4 teeth through the skin and is such a delight. Sam is doing well and i think both top are poking though...i know one for sure. She is also such a wonderful baby..unfortunately-maybe fortunately she is not moving as much. She crawls some...but it really hurts her toes/and her toe nails rip ALL the time. I don't know why. I found another nail half ripped off her big toe today and it was all bloody. I think that may really be why she's so hesitant to hurts her. I'm going to try to start putting some socks on her...i just feel like it is harder for her to get a grip like that but it's either slip or toe nails rip...still trying to figure out which one is better/worse.