Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sarah beating up her sister...

You might wonder...why would two babies fight over a baby comb? Well Sarah seems to think it's more fun to play with than one of her many toys she has on the floor. She also thinks it good to put in her mouth...although i personally think it may taste a bit like baby dandruff, since that is the comb i use to scrape the cradle cap(baby dandruff) off their heads! DELICIOUS!

If you think this video is funny...stay tuned for more exciting twin videos! I wish i had had my video/camera with me earlier today. They were fighting over the SAME COMB...and Sarah got so mad at Sam that she threw herself on top of Sam...they were literally rolling on top of each other on the ground...almost like mud wrestling...but baby wrestling....LOL! It was seriously Americas funniest home video material! I could have been 10,000 richer! I now have my camera on a belt on my side at all times ready to shoot! Just kidding! Is this seriously a taste of things to come for me? I have this motherly intuition that things may get a bit worse...i guess we'll see!

Check this out...i couldn't resist. This just goes to show you baby A is not always the dominant one! My baby B is definitely the dominant one! Who would have thought a 8 month old would try to beat up her sister! SOO FUNNY! Maybe she was just putting on a show for the camera!