Sunday, September 16, 2007

Haven't posted in a few days

I haven't posted in a few days because...well i guess because i've been busy. Doing something i'm sure...but i can't quite put my finger on it. :) No, actually the girls are sick so i've been busy with them. Hannah is just SICK. We slept on the couch last night and she coughed all night. I know...sleeping on the couch with your kid seems weird but i do it for a very good reason. Since all the girls sleep in one room i feel like if she has a coughing jag in the middle of the night i do NOT want her to wake up the rest of my brood. SO, if we sleep on the couch away from them we don't have to worry about it so much. Luckily we did last night because she coughed and coughed ALL night. So bad that i almost wanted to pick her up and take her outside and let her sleep out on the chair outside...HA HA, JUST KIDDING! Anyway this morning i got up thinking...maybe we should just cancel our trip to SA b/c we leave Tuesday and if i cancel with Orbitz by today we get all our money back less like 25.00 or something. BUT life is always better during the day so now it's calmed down...could be b/c she's outside with Paul and the girls are on their first nap for the day...who knows. BUT i think we're going to stick it out and go. I REALLY need a vacation...just something other than this house.

O yeah before i forget here's a story: to make a long story short...our neighbors friend(who we actually interviewed to be our contractor before we talked to john) lives by Israel(the OLD thief contractor) anyway he called our neighbor and said that israel's house caught on fire and they are investigating him for arson. They said they think he set his own house on fire with the tanning bed we probably bought him with the money he stole from us. What an idiot! Seriously i hope he takes a long walk off a short cliff...or just gets thrown in the pokey for arson would be fine. Speaking of the bathroom...still no glass yet. Ithought they'd be here on friday to try for the 6th time...NOPE! Hope they don't plan on coming this week since we're going to be out of town. The sad part for John on contractor is that he doesn't get paid till this is everyone is holding up his last paycheck! HA HA! Maybe he should get on the move and get on these people a little more. I don't feel like i'm that i have no idea why this has taken an extra....well we signed the first contract with Israel on Sept 18th of last year...then the one with john the beginning of March..I just can't figure it out.

A little on the girls emerging personalities:

Sarah: SO CUTE...SWEET...BUT there's a little bit of mischieve in her. She likes to pull Sams hair, steal her toys and beat her up. She is the one you see on the video below that is hitting Sam. She will be a heart breaker when she gets older...i can already tell. She has those sweet little eyes that will make your heart MELT. I think Sarah has a small girl complex. Kinda like a puppy that attacks big dogs or trys to because they think they are just as powerful. Hope this makes sense.

Samantha: SOO Sweet and cute. Not very confrontational and can't really hold her own yet. She will be the "runt" of the twins... ALTHOUGH there are actually times when she will take things from Sarah..most of the time it's Sarah stealing toys. She will be the sweet quiet one. The one that will stay home and hang with mom and dad while Sarah is out hanging with Hannah getting in trouble. She is such a delight and soo sweet. She may also be the pudge of the two.

Seems like the cough is getting better's always at night when she really starts to cough. I'm going to take the whole kitten n caboodle to the dr. tomorrow just to make sure they don't have something like strep. I'm sure they don't...the girls just have runny noses...but you never know.

Will write more before i leave to SA.