Friday, September 07, 2007


So i decided to take Hannah into the dr.'s office today because she is STILL COUGHING at night uncontrollably. SO, we took her, everything went fine. Dr. E gave her meds as usual...and then we left. Paul stayed home to watch the girls. When i walk in the door and right before my eyes is my baby on the floor...SLATE mind the middle of the kitchen, smiling! WHAT???!!! What in the world has been going on while i've been gone. I almost had a heart attack! She obviously escaped out of the one little cranny that is not closed up with boxes! Oh dear what are we going to do???? Anyway i knew she was moving b/c i went to the little girls room this morning and she followed right behind. I think we are in BIG trouble! Our sweet little babies that don't move are now MOVERS! Anyway, Sam is still staying put most of the time...she likes to sit back and watch her sister get in trouble! So thankfully, i'm only really chasing one right now. Once they are both moving quickly, we're in BIG trouble! Where do they sell those baby leashes again? LOL...JUST KIDDING! Although i will put them on them(they make these really neat Backpack ones) when they start walking well. Anyway that's my day so far. Now let's hope and pray we can get Hannah's cough under control...i need some sleep ASAP!

Before i forget, the FIFTH shower panel should be in TODAY! Sure hope this one is cut right! I'm not going to hold my breath though!