Monday, September 03, 2007

Naps, schedules and crawling

There have been a couple of changes in the Myers house the past weekend!

First and foremost, we've transitioned the girls to naps in their beds during the day. This was something we've been talking about doing for a while...but just never really gotten around to it, plus i knew they weren't going to like it very much so i wasn't looking forward to the crying. Well i'm happy to say as of today we put them in their cribs and they cry for a bit but nothing dramatic just a bit of whining. SO, we've made it over yet another milestone! WHOO HOO! Next, we dropped their 9p feed. Our schedule is all up in the air and i'm trying to get it down but for the most part we've just dropped their 9p feeding and pushed the 7p feeding back to 730p. It's really really nice! I can't believe we are done for the night at 730p now! How exciting!

We went to my sisters house today! Hannah & Allison had such a great time. We all played for a bit and then went to lunch at Ninfas! What a treat! They did so well and played really nice till we were getting ready to's always right around nap time and they start to really get sick of each other and they have worn out each others welcome! It's really funny. They are just so sweet together! They feed each other...share their toys and even share their food when they eat! I think they really feed off of each other and learn from each other. Jennifer has said Allison has become more independent because of hanging out with Hannah...and well Hannah learns how to be sweet and courteous from Allison.

I can't wait till they get a bit older and really have some fun slumber parties. It's just so great that they are going to be SOO close!