Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We are on a roller coaster ride...oh dear! Sarah and Sam are both SOO SNOTTY! It just seems to be a constant roller coaster ride around here. One baby is sick...the other well. The other baby sick one NOW, my throat is starting to feel scratchy too... and i've had in frog in my throat for a while. I sure hope we are able to make it to San Antonio...i will be soo sad if we don't.

On another exciting note...SARAH HAS SIX...YES SIX Teeth! I can't believe it! I was checking her four teeth this morning...and low and behold there are two more and both have broken the skin. One on each side of the top two front teeth. I'm so i know where all the poopy diapers have been coming from...i know why she woke up at 5a this morning...and lastly i know why she's so fussy!

I took some more pics this morning...i just don't think there will be any more good pics until i can threaten them with no cartoons! LOL!