Tuesday, September 11, 2007

IF i had one FULL nights sleep- 10p-7a

IF i had one nights sleep these days between sick babies...i'd be able to run a marathon or do a whole triathalon. UGH! Sarah is sick and so she was up crying and shuffling around about 12a...then again at 4a. I finally just got her up at 5a and took her into Paul who put her in the bouncy for about 30 minutes till Sam got up. THEN we were all up at 530a we all got up with Hannah following shortly after at 6a. YUCK! I'm soo ready for everyone to be well! On top of all this Sam has had a horrible horrible diaper rash that won't go away b/c she is teething and every diaper or every other diaper is a pooh! YUCK! I try really hard to catch them right away and change them...but that doesn't always work. When Hannah was small we never used much diaper rash cream...we always went through a couple of tubes in 8.5 months.

Well hopefully everyone will be well by next Monday b/c we leave one week from today to go to San Antonio.