Wednesday, September 19, 2007

THE funniest thing i've heard about twins so far...

We just got back from The Rainforest Cafe...had a great time but ran out zwieback toast so it turned into a rushed dinner at the end. Anyway we decided to go down to the bar and get some drinks to bring to the room. They are having some convention or work party here. Lots of people in the hotel. Anyway Paul decided on some beer and some Sambuca for a after dinner drink. Anyway we got onto the elevator and a guy saw us...with our brady bunch looking huge family. He said "man you must have ALOT of estrogen in your house...Paul laughed. He then said..."i'd put some money in your glass if you didn't already have some Sambuca in it!" That is HILARIOUS! I mean i'm seriously still laughing. How funny. I told Paul to take the girls back downstairs with a clean glass and look pitiful and get some money. LOL...JUST KIDDING! But it was worth a try. I did get some good pics...i will post them mana when i get home!

Have a great week! We SURE ARE!


The Pruetz Family said...

I'm glad it's such a fun time! We love San Antonio and I'm glad you do, too!