Thursday, December 25, 2008

Two Years has gone by..

And my girls are now Toddlers.  I'm not sure i ever imagined it, to go by so quickly.  Yesterday, you two were only tiny little babies...


As i was going through some clothes today, picking out things to donate to a local charity here in weslaco, i was looking at all the tiny clothes that were TOO big.  Now those clothes are sitting in a closet and i'm giving them to new baby girls that need them.  It's weird to be graduating out of so many things..clothes, toys, high chairs, etc. 

Tonight, two years ago, i sat on my couch(as usual, as i was soo big i couldn't get around very easily) wondering: what you two would look like, who you resemble more, what color of hair and eyes you'd have, if you'd be going to the NICU-since you were only 36w4d-but really full term for twins, and i most importantly prayed for two healthy babies.  Paul and i sat on the couch and talked and wondered how hard it'd be with two baby girls, how we'd adjust and if i'd ever get enough sleep again(thank goodness i didn't know the answer to that one, back then).  We skipped xmas w/ my family that year b/c we decided we'd stay home and make sure there was no way the babies would come a day early as my dr. was out of town until that day sometime..and i didn't want anyone else delivering my babies. 


Two years ago today i stuffed my face FULL of food and water before midnight since i had a c-section scheduled for 1030 that morning and i couldn't eat anything after midnight. 


Two years ago today i weighted in at a whopping 200lbs and xxl maternity clothes didn't even really do the trick anymore.  WHOA, i know.  Indulgence was an understatement when my dr. told me i could gain as much weight as i wanted since i was having twins. 

Two years ago today, the adrenaline in my body was rushing and rushing. 

Two years ago today, i slept on the couch, insomnia setting in pretty bad, my hands tingled from carpatunel(spelling), my feet were swollen, my body was a hormonal mess. 

Here is my last post..guess i didn't even get around to posting on xmas day: Christmas Eve-last post before the babies were born


My babies are no longer babies...or as Sarah says: "Mommy i a big girl!" 


Annie said...

Oh Brenda, lovely post. Definitely, time flies and they grow too fast. The most important thing is enjoying time with our daughters and do our best as parents.

I hope the girls enjoy their birthday party.

Merry Christmas


Brian said...

Happy birthday, Sarah and Samantha!

Barbara Manatee said...

Oh! I can so relate to all those feelings. Here my two just turned 2 and now I've been busy all week sorting through their baby clothes...wondering whether another lil' boy or girl will grace our home soon. Its so amazing to pull out their teeny tiny clothes from 2 years ago - remembering them in them - and so excited that we'll get to have another one wear some of those precious outfits!

Happy Birthday, girls! Hope you have a great day! I can tell your mommy LOVES being your mommy!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Happy Birthday Sarah and Samantha!