Tuesday, December 09, 2008

3 hours to burn w/o internet connection!


SO, i spend my time sitting at HEB waiting for my car GPS to be installed..and thankfully have my handy dandy laptop!  AHH..the technology we have today is AWESOME! 


So here are some lovely pics of my girls SECOND xmas..And let me tell you, they are LOVING the xmas tree.  I can't even tell you how this year is soo different.  We set the tree up on Sunday day.  That night as it got darker and darker..Sam walked by the dining room..and her eyes lit up like the 4th of july.  I mean..like never before.  She was SOOO excited to see the tree w/ all the lights.  It actually brought tears to my eyes to see how excited and happy she was that the tree was soo bright.  This is what Christmas is all about..watching your kidos as they are finally able to experience all sorts of firsts.  That night they wanted to sit in front of the tree and just watch..watch nothing, but just staring at the tree and my three beautiful girls was so much fun.  Hannah then wanted to sing the carols she needs to learn in the next week and a half.  SO, we got out her song list and sang some songs.  SOO much fun!  BUT, on top of that..the twins are totally learning their ABC's..SO, they wanted to sing the ABC song too!  It was PRECIOUS, i wish i had some video as we sat by the window and sang songs..it had to be VERY cute. 


Here are a few pics of the tree during the day..and can i just say: GOD BLESS the person that invented shatter proof ornaments..it's well worth the money to buy a few, if you have kidos!  We've been just skipping the ornaments all together for the past few years.  THIS year is so much nicer to have ornaments on the tree.



Sam in the striped green..sarah in the pink.


Sam and Hannah with their reindeer antlers on..too cute.







One more pose please..


All babies put your antlers on please..


Not sure what's going on here...


All antlers on mommy!


Sarah sat for the camera for an entire 30 seconds down pat..



Hey MOMMY..get rid of that darn camera!


Hmm..lets see what ornaments we can pull down..


It's nice and dark now..Sam loved the lights in the dark.



Checking the lights out...


We don't have a chimney so we hang the stocking above the tree..we improvise in anyway possible.  


It's really dark now..


Sarah showing Sam how to take the ornaments off the tree..


See Mantha...it's not to hard..just yank them off..then when mommy walks in, drop them or throw them. 



Ok sista, i'm going to try now..yank off tree, then throw.


I got it! 



Then, if we're lucky, Poor Hannah will be scared she's going to get blamed, and she'll just put them back on the tree for us! :)


See, i told you she'd put them back on..


POOR Hannah..has to clean up after the babies..


The tree..if you look very closely..all the ornaments are at the BOTTOM of the tree.  Definitely a kiddie tree!


See the ornaments..Makes me giggle,every time i look at the tree.


Hannah even went to the extent..to put her jewerly and hair bows on the tree..see the white hair bow.  YEP, this is a house full of girly girls!



This SHOULD be on a totally different post..but i'm lazy.  SO, check out Hannah's little kiddie table.  This is what happens when you leave your hubby in charge for a few minutes so you can clean the kitchen.  NICE..no more crayons for the babies when mommy isn't supervising.


Talking about my ARM HURTING..i had to get a little pan scrubber to get all the crayon off the table.  Any faster ways to clean off crayon??


Look at that mess...BAD BABIES!



Aimee said...

To clean the crayon, try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, the best invention ever! Anyone with kids needs some of these!

Barbara Manatee said...

how sweet that Hannah helps put the ornaments back and SOOOO cute that she put her jewelry and bows on it, too! :-)

Beautiful tree!
We don't have a mantel/chimney for stockings either, but hang ours from the railing on the staircase near the tree. :-)

Double the blessing said...

I love how they are so excited about the tree. About the crayon, magic eraser. Love those!!!

Michele said...

Have you ever heard of/tried Goo-gone? It is a great solvent and has a citrusy smell.

BoufMom9 said...

LOVING these pictures Brenda!!! I esp love the ones with the lights out. Just precious.
The cutest... that they just wanted to sit and look at the tree!
You are so right, the best part of the holiday is getting to experience it through your child's eyes :)

cat said...

The tree looks gorgeous! And great pictures too.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Just beautiful! Our girls love our tree too! I think it's just a girl thing! lol