Friday, December 05, 2008

Bragging a bit about my big girl..

As with any other day we all got all bundled up and took Hannah to school.  They are celebrating advent, so the morning prayers are a bit longer than usual.  The girls did great, which is always exciting and gives me hope that they are learning how to act at school.   BUT, as i was leaving one of the mothers(Ben's mom to be exact) came up to me and told me she had to tell me a really quick story.  She went on to tell me that Ben had gotten a sad face on his report a few times in the so happen to be yesterday.  As Ben's mom was talking to him..she asked him:"Ben, what's the problem, why are you getting in trouble more than often?"  He said "I don't know" Mom said:" are you hanging out with friends that are getting in trouble too?"  He said:"well i guess so!"  Mom said:"well are there ANY kids in your class that Don'T get in trouble?"  Ben said:"just one..Hannah!"  AWW...Ben was talking about how my sweet Hannah never gets in trouble...surprisingly she just doesn't get in trouble at school.  Don't ask me why or how?  I don't have an answer.  I just know that her saying that made me really proud.  BUT i do know that deep down's just her nature to be nice as long as i'm not around to take advantage of..LOL!  When she's home, it's another story..DO NOT misunderstand what i'm saying.  She's a little fire cracker at home.  It's just easier to do something a stranger tells you to do..i know..i'm the SAME way! 


SO then as i was so proud of this..things only got better.  I called Kristen, in the office to ask if i could volunteer to help with the field trip the kidos are taking in a few weeks to another school.  We were talking and she told me she had to compliment my little girl.  I said, WHAT?  She said...she was able to go to church with the kidos on thursday and Hannah sat there like a little angle the entire time.  She said she's a champ at sitting there for an hour during church.  I was soo proud.  I mean seriously, she's just not like that at home.  She can't sit still for more than a minute or two..loves to provoke fights and i could go on and on...but she is also a little sweetie. 


Anyway, i just had to brag..i'm off my soap box now.  BUT, goodness...two compliments in one's almost too much to handle! Now, we'll see what she's like in a few years.  You know, as bad as i was...i was also the exact same way.  I just get really nervous with others teaching me or telling me what to that might just be her nature.  I guess we'll see!


Happy friday!


Lisa & Gerald said...

Yes as a mom it's always nice to hear that they are little angels at school!