Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This was off of the report. I went to close the blinds in the front of the house and low and behold..the ground was COVERED in white. AMAZING! TWO days ago we were wearing t-shirts/shorts and it was almost 80 degrees. NOT TODAY. TODAY it's low 30's and SNOW! We HAD to wake up Hannah and let her see a little snow on the ground. TOO BAD pipes aren't wrapped and things may freeze. This weather was SOO un-expected! I had to call my parents and my sister after 9p, just to tell them to check out the ground! I wonder if HISD has SNOW days! LOL! TOTALLY KIDDING..b/c you know tomorrow the temps will be back up and we'll be back in shorts soon! :)

I must have taken 50 pics..i'll add them tomorrow while i'm back at HEB again, waiting on my car to get finished up.

Here's info from!

White stuff fell across much of the Houston area Wednesday evening, as temperatures hovered just above freezing, tying a record for the city's earliest ever snowfall.

Since 1895, according to data collected by Houston's Weather Research Center, snow has fallen this early just once — on Dec. 10, 1944 — during the last 113 years.

Typically, snow falls about every four years in the Houston area. The city's last snowfall was a memorable one, coming on Christmas Eve 2004.

Forecasters at the Houston/Galveston office of the National Weather Service said clouds and precipitation should give way Thursday to sunshine and warmer temperatures, with highs expected to reach the upper 50s.

Overnight lows for all areas but those north and west of Harris County were expected to stay above freezing Thursday, if only by a few degrees.

A chance of rain returns to the forecast Sunday, as temperatures gradually warm, said Paul Lewis of the National Weather Service.

Snowfall in the metro Houston area on Wednesday caught forecasters somewhat by surprise. A significant chance for snowfall didn't show up in computer-model forecasts until about 9 p.m. Tuesday.

"The midnight crew adjusted the forecast at that time," Lewis said.

Because the ground in the Houston area was relatively warm — 77 degrees as late as Tuesday afternoon — neither snow nor ice was expected to stick to the ground and cause major transportation problems for long.

Still, because temperatures were expected to dip below freezing overnight, the weather service issued a Winter Weather Advisory on Wednesday evening for much of Southeast Texas, including Harris County, because of the potential for slick, icy conditions north of Interstate 10 on bridges and other exposed areas.

Daytime highs should return to the 70s by Sunday. Early next week, possibly on Monday night, another cold front is expected to reach Houston.

But forecasters don't expect it to pack the punch of this week's chilly frontal system.


cat said...

Oh wow! That is pretty much the chance of we having snow in winter - no wait, the last time in our city was something like 1913, but you get the idea.