Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Morning 2008- the looks of shock and surprise were PRICELESS!

This is the BEST part about being a MOM.  You get to experience some really great things.  For instance, when the girls woke up Christmas morning their eyes were soo bright and shocked.  SANTA CAME to OUR HOUSE!  Hannah was amazed..and so were the girls.  I don't quite remember what Hannah said..but i know it brought tears of joy to my eyes. 


One funny part of the entire day.  Sugar got a hold of some of the'll see the pics below.  She had a little party in our backyard after Santa left on Christmas Eve night!  HA!

Sam walking up to the presents..has to be her, she's the only one that drags her blankie & pillow around everywhere!


Look at Hannah's expression.  It's HILARIOUS!  She's just in SHOCK!  Note the half eaten cookie & glass of 1% milk Santa ate/drank when he came to visit. 


Sarah checking out the presents.


YES, those are xmas presents out on the lawn.  We couldn't figure out WHY Sugar wouldn't come in to play with us xmas morning..DUH, she was scared after she tore into so many presents.  LOL!



Barbara Manatee said...

oh no about your dog getting into the presents! Hope things were not too damaged! So glad all the girls were so excited. Our two just stopped at the top of the stairs and looked down and exclaimed "What's that!?! Presents! Kitchen!!" (they got a kitchen set that was not wrapped). So cute!

Annie said...

They look so cute. I'm glad they were excited about the gifts under the tree. I hope all the girls enjoyed their presents.

Missy said...

So funny about you dog getting into the presents - Our pup Sugar is heard barking the background while A&E opened presents - she must have been jealous.

Great pics!!!!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Too cute!
Oh I think everyones dog has gotten into the gifts before lol
I sure hope that they are ok!