Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bob & Theresa's Annual Christmas Party...


We had such a great weekend.  Despite my mom & dad getting a virus and not being able to watch the girls so Paul & i could have a romantic quiet night..we still had a GREAT WEEKEND!  Dallas was great..and Bobs Party was definitely a big hit for everyone.  I can't say enough about Bob & Theresa.  They are always so welcoming..and do anything they can to make you feel like at home. 


Here are a few pics of the party.  Let me just start with the was ALL SOO GOOD..BUT most importantly, Theresa had a plethora of DELICIOUS treats for the kidos.  Can you tell all the kids were hanging right around the table of sweets?!!??  LOL!  Who can resist CHOCOLATE CAKE & CHOCOLATE PEPERMINT BARK!?





Jennifer, who works for Bob - with her hubby. 


Everyone Hanging out downstairs in the bar/gameroom/living room.


Heather & David..who Paul has known for years..they are so sweet.  Just can't believe their sweet baby girls are now 16 & soon to be 21!  TIME DOES FLY BY!!


Ok..LOOK CLOSELY AT THIS PIC..This is bobs son Matthew and Joshua(Bobs nephew) on the left in the red shirt.  BUT, most importantly, check out the stroller..LOL!  Yes, this is boys being boys..Matthew put their cute little new brittany spaniel in the baby stroller for a ride.  IT WAS HILARIOUS.  That puppy has NO IDEA how much fun he is going to have with five boys in the house.  He's one very lucky little puppy! :)


Maggie & Chris..Joshua's mommy & daddy! 


Bob in the white..Bobs son just on the left...and i'm not sure who else . 


All the Myers' girl's hanging out in the living room by the sweet table. 


Kristy(tommy's wife) & Maggie


Logan-Bobs son.  He's almost one year older than Hannah.  He's soo sweet and such a good boy.  And so sweet to the girls..he let them play with all his toys..he's just growing up soo fast.


Joshua, Chris & Maggies little boy.


A lady walked up to me @ the party and asked if i was Hannah's mommy.  I said yes, and she reminded me that she had baby sat for Hannah when she was TINY.  We had gone to one of Bobs parties and they had their baby sitter come over and watch the babies, while the adults went out for a quiet evening.  It was probably the very first time we left her with ANYONE!  She was soo sweet.  Four years later and she has a little girl that is 2 weeks older than the twins.  She said she remembers holding Hannah and just being soo excited to finally hold a little girl.  She was such a sweet lady.  I can't believe she remembered me..and i didn't scare her off with the 20+ phone calls i made to her THAT night i left Hannah with her!  :) 


Barbara Manatee said... guys have had a lot of Christmas parties! our December has been quiet on that front, thankfully. We're busy enough with stuff here and home, Dr appts, etc...not much time for parties! Oh well...we've got time alone the next few weeks before baby arrives to get things done, but also hopefully relax and enjoy each other some! Happy Holidays!

BoufMom9 said...

Looks like another great time!!! LOVE the girls striped dresses! So so so cute!!!!

How funny about that woman remembering you!

Glad you are having such a great time this holiday season!

rachael said...

looks like a really fun time!

Annie said...

Definitely, everyone enjoyed the party. OMG, the girls are so big.

Sam and Sarah will be two years old in only 3 days, wow.