Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day-Morning


We started off the morning opening presents at 5:30am sharp.  The girls were ready to get going as soon as they saw the dining room full of presents. 

Here are a few of my favorite pics. 

The girls each grabbed a piece of couch, while Hannah made her way around and ripped open her presents and then helped the twins open theirs too! :)  Excuse mommy..she had just woke up and didn't have an ounce of caffeine in her body yet.


This pic didn't come out too good..but this is her when she was opening up her vanity set.  She LOVES it!



Hannah playing with her new vanity set.

Gotta get that lipstick just right on my lips..even if it's the purple one auntie J bought me~LOL!!!


Sam loved her head bands...and elmo guitar!


The twins playing with their new presents.


Punky Brewster on our living room floor?


This is what happens when you leave your child un-supervised for one minute...they start eating lipstick! :)



rachael said...

looks like a great christmas morning and tons of fun!