Monday, December 29, 2008

Hannah's Christmas program 08'


Hannah's Christmas program was held the Thursday before they got out for Christmas Break.  Embarassingly, i'm JUST posting this b/c that last week of school and the week following were KRA-ZIE!  SOO, here are a few photos from the program.  Paul was not able to come b/c the program didn't start until 7pm and the girls go to bed at 7:30p.  SO, we opted to keep them at home w/Paul, while i took Hannah and had some mommy & me time.  I actually took her to dinner at Chillis before we went to the program and we had a peaceful/fun time.  WOW, it's different with one child that is very obedient out in public.  LOL!!!  I couldn't even imagine having just one child..i think it'd actually be WAY to quiet.  HA! I guess maybe deep down, i like the craziness of my three ring circus..and believe me..having three children IS a three ring circus. 

Here are the ornaments the girls made at school this year.  They all made such nice ornaments.  TOO bad the twins tore their ornaments up as soon as i put them on the tree.  NEXT year i'll know to keep them above the ARMS REACH area.


Hannah, making a photo frame for xmas.


Hannah, passing out the xmas presents she bought her classmates.


All the kidos having snacks


Hannah, getting ready to go to her xmas program.


Me & Hannah at Chillis, eating dinner.


Hannah, posing for the camera.


Some of the kidos in the corner.  (Hannah, Lily, Kaila, Mattie, Ben, Olivia)


Liam joined in..but the kidos couldn't stay still.  Who fed their kidos SUGAR, right before the program!  HA HA!


Lily & Hannah..they are SOO cute!


Everyone thinks Mr. C is soo cool.  He's very funny and loves to joke with the kidos AND parents. 



Lisa & Gerald said...

Im glad you guys had fun!

Annie said...

Hannah is so cute. I'm glad that you enjoyed the one on one moment.