Sunday, December 07, 2008

Polish National Alliance - Party # 2!

Here are some pics from the Polish National Alliance Party.  If you were wondering..YES, i am a proud Polish American.  My mother and father are both polish and do know how to speak in polish.  I know a small amount..and i even grew up dancing as a POLISH EAGLE DANCER!  Yep, you'd fall over if you saw some of the a matter of fact, i have a few. 


OO..totally found some pics of me and my sisters..back in the day!  LOL!!  Guess which one is ME??? 

Bench 0013

This was a pic of my friend Carrie & My friend Wendy, were were all the same age.  This was taken back one year when we performed in Galveston...Gotta love those cute polish dancing outfits.

 Bench 0191

This was my mom holding me YEARS ago.  This was taken at the actual PNA hall before the shut it down and moved over to the polish church!  I was ONE BIG OLE' baby!  I'm guessing i was not going to sit on santa's lap THAT year..

 Bench 0628

Here are a few of the pics of Hannah with Santa..

The group of kidos waiting for Santa


The girls..


Hannah had all sorts of things she wanted to tell Santa..this time she wasn't so bashful! 


Oh well, we tried.  At least they weren't crying this time! 



Michele said...

We have twins born the same day, AND you're Polish! I KNEW I liked you!!

My husband and I have lots of Polish in our heritage, although my dad's an Irishman through and through.