Sunday, December 07, 2008

Today is World TTS AWARENESS DAY!!!



My girls were very lucky!  Although we did, in deed, have TTS, it was un-diagnosed and was not progressing quickly.  My babies were two of the lucky ones.  Not all identical twins are as lucky as us.  Please take a moment to pray for those who have and or have fought for their babies lives due to TTS!  It's a very scary syndrome and if you are having twins and have not been told whether they are identical or fraternal..FIND OUT quickly.  IF you find out they are identical..if you are in Houston, you should seek out TCH fetal hope organization.  They will monitor you to help if you do develop TTS and will do surgery if it's needed.  The reason i know this is because the RN over the fetal hope org from TCH came to talk to our MOMS group.  If you need more me and i'll forward the info to you!