Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pauls Christmas Party...

Pauls Christmas Party this year..was held at a BAR!  YES, YES, my 2 year old twins AND my 4 year old went to a BAR!  LOL!  Not really MY way to have a XMAS party..lots of smoke and alcohol(since it's outside the city limits)...BUT despite the smoke, we had a good time.  Next year WILL be better...since the girls were really making me nervous climbing up and down off the slippery chairs, but the best part was that all the guys that work Pauls overnight shift(the ones that actually fix the wheels) showed up.  It's always nice to see them and their kidos.  Most importantly, we got to see Javiers baby(see below, Paul holding the sweet little baby w/a head full of hair).  He was soo sweet and calm the entire time..the twins were a bit jealous about Paul holding this foreign baby, but were sweet w/ him and pet his head and checked him out! 



My girls eating LOLIPOPS!  THEY LOVED them!


Ercilia and Tomas..She looks SOOO much better now that she's out of the hospital and feeling good.


Kristy(Tommys wife) and Paul w/the girls.


Tommy(Pauls office manager) and his daughter Alyssa(which by the way, when i started dating paul she was SOO SMALL).  She's a teenager now..and taller than ME!


Paul with javiers baby!  Notice the hand petting his head...soo sweet and gentle!


Another pic of Paul w/ the baby!  He was soo sweet.  If we had just had two(instead of twins) i MAY have had a bit of baby fever..not this time!  LOL!


Hannah in front of the tree w/breakable ornaments.  NOTE TO bar owners, if you have a KNOW people drink a LOT at bars...perhaps you need the shatter proof ornaments TOO!  LOL!


Hannah & Samantha...with lollipop face!


Some of Pauls employees w/ family!


Javier, benny & Javiers baby!


Hello, what was I THINING?  RED icing cookies, bad idea! 


Pics of the party!



Javiers sweet! 


Javiers Brother & his wife...w/their kidos.  BTW, again, when i started dating Paul his kidos were TINY!  They are all grown up now..soo crazy!



Annie said...

I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the Christmas party. Christmas is the time to share with others.

rachael said...

looks like fun to me :)

BoufMom9 said...

Looks like a great party! I love that all of your girls have matching shirts! ADORABLE!!!

Melissa B. said...

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Lisa & Gerald said...

Love the pics!looks like the girls even had a great time at the bar!