Sunday, December 07, 2008

Partying like a ROCK STAR...

We had three parties to go to Saturday..we were partying it up all day long!  Technically we had five, but had to skip out on two birthday parties that we both at the same time as my Polish National Alliance Christmas Party.  SO, here are some fun pics of our first party of the day!  This was my Moms of Multiples Childrens Christmas Social..which was held at a very sweet ladie(Liz's) house.  Liz was obviously loosing her mind to invite our club to have our social at her house..considering there were over 160 people there!  I mean, how many houses can actually hold THAT many people..luckily it was an open people came and went between 9 & 12noon.  The girls had a blast...and totally fit in just fine now.  They are a little hesitant but came around at the end.  Check out the first pic of the girls with Santa below..Yeah, that didn't really turn out as good as we thought.  LOL!!!


Hannah & Santa..She did great, BUT Santa may have been a little could tell he was just staring into the blue wondering if it was NOON yet.  HA HA HA..or should i say HO HO HO~


Sam on left w/o bow, Sarah on right w/bright pink bow..we did the cow girl look this year!  I actually though it was really cute and a way to get the girls to wear their boots!


Hannah tried soo hard to confort Sam, it didn't work!


Daddy helping with some of the arts and crafts for the kidos


Melody & Ben gave up on getting a Christmas pic w/their girls..Katie is over on the left w/the striped jacket in the corner..Sydney is on the right on the rocking horse on the other side of the tree.  SOO FUNNY! 



Hannah right by the lady in the red putting together a REALLY COOL Necklace..


A pic of some of the kidos at Liz's house. 


The girls had fun playing with the table of toys.


Allison's twin girls..i wish you could see their outfits..she hand made them and they were SOO cute.


this lovely group of youngsters VOLUNTEERED to help our moms group out for their community service for High School..They deserve BIG GOLD stars..very brave kidos, helping out with all our kidos!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


Mom helping the girls color snowmen.  Sam loves coloring and wanted to color more and more..


This was Sam as we were leaving the party..She had cookies ALL over her face. 



Harris Boys said...

5 parties in one looks like the girls had a great time. their boots are so cute, makes me want a girl so bad..hehe

thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I can't believe my boys are 2. only a few more weeks for yours

Lisa & Gerald said...

Love the pics of everyone!

Annie said...

If I were in Houston I also would have had the party in my house cause I like parties. In Puerto Rico we don't have Moms of Multiples Club, and I wish some day we could have one too.

Great pictures of the girls with Santa.

Barbara Manatee said...

wow! what a busy and fun day! We have our MOMs family party next week - on an evening though. I am certain our visit with Santa will be terrifying for Santa. I'll be VERY surprised if she'll go anywhere near him!