Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just stuff..

Christmas Party at Bobs House. We are in the BIG D for a xmas party tonight. It's going to be F-U-N! We are really excited as we haven't been to a xmas party at Bob & Theresa's house in a LONG TIME with our lives being so crazy! We are staying at a nice hotel with a heated pool and hot tub..and we've already made one trip down to the pool. IT'S SOO Weird here today. Everyone must be gone for Xmas already..the hotel is EMPTY and the ROADS WERE PACKED FULL OF PEOPLE! Tomorrow we're going to visit one of Pauls buddies from childhood through college. We haven't seen Dale & his wife Roseanne, since the babies were just a few weeks old. I'm really excited to see them..and i hope our kidos don't destroy their house(LOL)!

This week has been crazy week should be much better, as Hannah's out of school and i'll probably just keep the girls home Tue to keep them away from any yucky germs they could pick up. Our plans are to spend xmas eve/xmas day at our house and then head off to S. TEXAS to visit with Pauls parents.