Monday, August 18, 2008

8 days away from the big 2-0!

I mean 20 months! HOLY SMOKES...the time has flown by in some ways, and in other ways time has gone by very slowly for me. My girls are growing like weeds right before my eyes. In the past few months they have progressed so much. They are really talking a TON now. Ms. Anna, their teacher said they aren't talking that much to her. BUT, she did tell me, last Thursday Sarah told her NO, when she asked her to do something. She said she almost fell over laughing as this tiny little non-talking child spurted out NO to her when she asked her to put her ball away! I almost fell over laughing. That is definitely my daughter for you! They change on a daily basis and i'm really starting to enjoy them more. The best part though, is sitting back watching them have these little conversations between themselves now. I could sit on the couch for hours and watch them interact. It's amazing how much they talk to each other. It's a conversation i can almost understand, but yet, not completely!

They are still very shy little girls. As a matter of fact, today, a teacher at Hannah's school came running up to me to check them out and tell me she has 27 year old identical boys. She then asked the age difference between Hannah and the twins(29 months) and she told me she had a singleton and then had the twins SIXTEEN MONTHS later! WHOA! Talking about the first year being a blur. Mine was too, but goodness, i couldn't imagine 16 months apart. And i thought i had it bad! :) HA HA!

Anyway, the girls are really becoming such big girls. They use their spoons and forks really well. They use two to three word sentences. They understand almost everything i say. They are also so caring toward each other and Hannah. NOW, DO NOT get me wrong, they have tons of moments(fighting, biting and slapping). However, when one falls and starts crying the other will run up to the hurt one & help her up and give her a kiss. It's soo cute.

One very weird part of watching the twins is how the switch roles, sometimes on a daily basis. One day, one of the girls will hang with Hannah, then next day the other will be Hannah's BFF. Of course, when Hannah is gone they are also very different. They play together, make little hiding places together, and chase after each other. It's so cute.

I think watching Hannah has really made them progress much faster. They love to play dress up with her and sometimes they even play by themselves. They love taking Hannah's clothes and putting them on. They love wearing dress up shoes and they love it when Hannah puts her play make up on them and fixes their hair. Can you tell our house is full of girls or what?


Gibson Twins said...

4 months til the birthday :) Doesn't that make it sound so quick? Mine are 21 months right now and I feel this extreme urge to start planning their birthday party. Insane!

Ryan is very shy to other people including big Ryan. He doesn't say many "real" words to just anyone, although give him to me and I can get him to say anything! I don't get it. Alli just talks to anyone who will listen (and when no one listens she's content talking to herself! lol)

I am really bad about making them use forks/spoons. They will use them but most of the time they get distracted from eating and start using their spoon/fork as drumsticks. So, I just rather cut their food so they could pick it up, even if it does mean lots of handwashing afterwards...

I hope it is cooling down there for you guys. Can you believe we actually had on pants and long sleeves the other day when we took the kids out for dinner? Thats how our weather goes I guess!

Cheryl Lage said...

You DO have such a girly household...what FUN! :)

[PS I tagged you for a meme if you're game!]

Barbara Manatee said...

How fun! Isn't it fun to listen to them 'talk'? I love that! And I agree...when my two hit 20 months, it struck me that we were only 4 months away from their 2nd birthday. OMG! Where has the time gone? I'm glad we'll make it to 2 before baby #3 arrives...can't imagine having them closer. I've loved this time with them and its been special, especially knowing that life will get even crazier soon!

Annie said...

I have 22 months twin girls. I am planning their second birthday.

They say some words and talk to each other a lot. Ana Sofia is a little shy with others. Ana Paola is very expresive. I have so much fun with them every day.

I also started our family blog.

BoufMom9 said...

GREAT update on the girls!
Isn't it amazing how fast it goes???
E&W will be TWO in October! CRAZY!!!!

cat said...

Wow, the 16 month gap must have been chaos - our is 31 months and believe me,it is tough enough.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Enjoy your little ones!

Deanna said...

You are going to notice they will keep flip-flopping their personalities for some time yet. My girls are 5 now and set in their own ways. But my husband and I were always saying "just 3 months ago it was Lizzie acting this way" or vise/versa.

I till this day love sitting back and watching them interact. How do you feel about 3, isn't that sometime a hard number?? I know it is for me. My singleton is 18 months apart from my twins and someone feels left out a lot!!

Their B-day is going to be right around the corner!!!

Harris Boys said...

I know exactly how you feel Brenda! time is just flying by. just tonight I wathced the boys eating dinner and I was remembering the days I had to feed them. it made me a little sad.

hope you guys are having a good week...the beach is so much fun. I can just pic your girls down here playing in the water and sand :)

Helene said...

Isn't it crazy how fast the time goes by? Your twins sound like they're doing really well with their development! They sound like they have really fun personalities! My youngest set of twins is 17 months old and I'm anxious for them to start talking more!!

Missy said...

Twins are absolutely the best! I agree with you on how they switch personalities often - I like to think they are just trying to keep us on our toes!

I would like to present you with an award. Go to my blog & see what you won!!!