Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Happy Sadness!

Yeah, that's kinda of oxymoron but i'm sad and happy today. Today Hannah is gone. My girls are gone too. BUT, i will have them at home with me tomorrow. It is going to be SOOO weird.

Everything went really well this morning though. Goodness i was SOOO ORGANIZED...i couldn't believe it. Last night i got everything ready...lunch packed in her lunch box in the fridge, note on top of her school bag(which is packed full of pillow, blanket, nap pad & change of clothes) to remind me to put ice in her lunch box, her clothes and the girls clothes on the counter in the living room along with shoes, milks for breakfast poured in cups ready to drink, and i even unloaded the dishes last night so i wouldn't feel so bad leaving my dirty dishes in the sink(part of my OCD, i'm sure). I got up about 520ish and took a shower, Paul took a shower too(THAT Is why i LOVE having two shower stalls in our master bathroom), as we were getting out Sam woke up and woke everyone up(around 545ish). We got the girls up and gave them water and snacks, Hannah got her chocolate milk out of the fridge and i got moving. Got everyone dressed in the living room one at a time, did every ones hair, blow dried my hair, put on some make up, fed them breakfast about 645a and we were out the door and at Pauls office around 705! YAHOO! It totally worked out just fine. Tomorrow we can even get moving later b/c i don't have to drop the girls off.

So, we picked Paul up and made out way to school. Dropped the twins off at their new classroom and they were fed breakfast right away(yeah, they ate THREE times this morning)! LOL!!! Then, Paul and i walked Hannah on over to the west Hall of her school, where they all meet before school for prayers! It was seriously the cutest thing ever. All these cute little kids in uniforms...SOO cute. Hannah met up with all her little girl friends from ECC and they were playing away before prayers. I felt at home, myself, since i went to school there years ago. It's also the hall Paul & I had our wedding reception at, so it brings back all good memories. :) They prayed, said the Pledge and then celebrated birthdays of the day. Then we headed off for our only walk down the hall to walk her to class(they said we can only do it for a few days, b/c the kids need to get used to doing it alone). BOO HOO! We walked them into class and everyone has name tags over their little hooks to hang their bags(Hannah knew exactly where her name was placed) and hung up their bags. Then went on over to sit on the floor to start their new adventures in school! I totally held back a few tears at that time(didn't want to look like a freak), but i did shed a few this morning while i was getting her dressed to go OMG, it was hard. I didn't want to cry b/c i didn't want her to think i was sad...i told her it's a happy sad, because i'm soo happy that she is going to be a big girl and learn SOO much at school this year. I really am happy. I'm also soo happy that we are lucky enough financially to be able to put her in a private school(the schools in our neighborhood are just not what i want for her, educationally speaking). Anyway, we said our goodbyes, and Paul and i headed on over to the office to pay for some school lunches(for the days she wants to eat at school). Paul is determined to let her eat at school, i really don't have a problem with it, but in some ways i feel like my making her lunch is a part of being a mommy! Don't ask me why i feel that way, i just do. So, we'll do some lunches at home and some from school. I'll tell her what they have on the menu and she'll pick her days.
Well i know ya'll are all excited to see pics, so here they are:
My big 4 year old, PRE-Kindergarten 2008Daddy was SOO sweet...he even bought her a boquet of flowers the night before the big day! Ready to rock and roll! Bad full of Stuff and lunch too!THIS is how early i had to get up in the morning...we never get out this early to see a sunrise. It was BEAUTIFUL! I looked like a big dork at a red light with my car window rolled down taking pics! LOL! Had to go pick daddy up for the big occasion! Mommy is soo proud of her big girl!Daddy and Hannah in front of his office. Look, they match!Car ride...totally figured out how to take pics of the girls with the camera backwards...just shine the lcd in the rear view mirror! I'm a genius! LOL!!!Her new teachers...Ms. Cantu & Ms. Snyder!Mommy & Hannah waiting for morning prayers!In front of the school. Did i tell ya'll this is my old stomping ground already? Went to school here from 3rd-5th grade and then got married here! LOVE the church and school! They had just put this garden together the year i started...a LONG time ago. TWO teachers are STILL HERE! Can you believe it???Another shot of mommy & Hannah!Hannah's best friend Auburn. Aren't they just precious??The whole school sitting down for announcements before morning prayer!Line formation on the way to class!
One more shot of my sweet baby on the floor waiting for prayers to begin.
In front of the school!
In her classroom! They all have name tags at the table and in the cubbies for their bags!

A shot of the room!
Sitting down getting ready to start class as all mommies and daddies said their last goodbyes and went off to leave them for the very first time! I can't believe she's in school! Yes, i'm still all teary eyed. BUT, tomorrow it's really really going to set in because i'll be here with the twins and she'll be at school! That's really when it'll hit me hard! OMG, i have to find something to do tomorrow! We can sit in home and be sad all day. :( I know i'll get better with's just so sad that she's beginning a new adventure on her own! I DO still feel like i did the right thing, although sometimes i wonder if i should have kept her back. BUT, she's going to be soo much smarter and learn soo much more from a real curriculum than from a Early Childhood program!


Missy said...

So sweet! I know you are proud of her.

Barbara Manatee said...

I'm so glad her first day went so well! She looks so cute! Very cool, too, that you went to the same school she is going to, memories!! Does the school seem super small to you now? haha!

Lisa & Gerald said...

so sweet!
I think she ready for school!

Harris Boys said...

aww what a great post brenda. I know this has to be so hard for you, but just know hannah is in good hands. (you should know) you can tell how proud you are of her!!

Deanna said...

AWWWW....Congrats to her on the big day (sorry I'm late commenting). I bet she had sooo much fun!!!

Nice to have her a school you went to! My kids are doing the same.

I really liked all of the WONDERFUL, exciting, and emotional photos!!!!