Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Quick Shout out and Happy Birthday!

To one of my nearest and dearest friends(also the twins God Mother) Auntie Katie!

We all love you and miss you...and the girls are waiting for you to come visit again because otherwise who's going to feed them donuts, Cheetos and paint 30 toes & 30 fingers???!!! LOL!

Love you and miss you a ton!

SOO glad you've finally caught up with me in AGE! 32 isn't really that bad BUT 33 will definitely make me sad!

Jimmy(a old high school friend on the left feeding a baby), Katie(feeding a baby and holding Hannah, talking about multitasking)!

Just the girls...Hannah, Katie, a baby, Jaymie & Yours truly!

Katie, Sam(can you believe i can tell the difference for some reason?), Hannah, Jaymie(who was prego with Carson) and Sarah


Cheryl Lage said...

What a smiley bunch! :)
Love it!

Jamie said...

She has a great birthday!!! What a perfect day to have a birthday! ;-) (the 26th is my birthday too!)