Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not much to post...

Everything seems to finally be falling into place. I THINK Paul is feeling better. The girls are doing great in school. AND most importantly, my sweet Hannah is starting to get into the groove of getting up every morning and getting ready to go. It's been, what seems like two months of bad luck with sickness, er visits, salmonella, surgeries(Gracye the dog & Hannah). Sheesh, i'm ready to get back to normal.

The rain is driving me crazy though. It seems to be raining EVERY DARN day here. I can't say we didn't need the rain...but goodness, how much rain is enough?

The girls are also getting into the groove of things. I've changed their schedules around some and i think i like it. They now eat a snack/breakfast right when they wake up on school days. I don't even bother feeding them real breakfast because they are already full from snacks. Then they eat breakfast at school and Hannah eats a granola bar and that's her breakfast for now. I've tried feeding her real breakfast, but she NEVER eats it and it drives me crazy wasting SOO much food. SO, i'm slowly trying to wean everyone off of too many snacks. I honestly think my poor girls have been living on snacks for a while now. They eat and eat and eat and then don't want to eat real food. I know it's bad for them...but the crying is horrible and i wasn't at a stage in my life where i wanted to hear it constantly. Now that they are talking and we communicate some, i can tell them things. For instance, yesterday they were BEGGING for a snack right after they woke up from their nap and i told them NOT UNTIL we went to pick up Hannah. They finally gave up. Then, when we got in the car, they got their snack. I felt relief, like i had not been defeated this time. Then they only got that one snack until dinner, no exceptions. Then at dinner, they actually gobbled their food down. AMEN! They are learning. I just need to sit down and write up a really good schedule and go with it. I refuse to be defeated. I want them to be on a schedule. I want them to eat their meals at certain times, i want them to eat their snacks at certain times, etc. I don't like feeding them snacks all day. It's ridicuolous...but i also felt that it was the only way to stop the crying around here.

Now, another major issue we still have is BITING! OMG, poor Sarah has TWO gigantic BITE marks, or should i say Shark bites/bruises on her poor little arm. I don't know what to do(lisa, if you are reading this, your solution is about to be put into play, LOL). I just don't know why the attack each other soo much! It's horrible. And they KNOW what they are doing is wrong b/c i immediately grab the chomper and put her in time out on the step and take the other one and hold them and cuddle them and kiss their boo boos! They even know to sit there until i go back and tell them they are ok to get up. SO, why do they keep doing it???? I have no idea. I honestly think it's a power thing on top of not knowing how to express themselves with words. If they could just tell the other one, "NO, I HAD IT FIRST", i think we'd be ok. I await those days. I know it sounds bad but fighting with words may truly alleviate the biting because they can yell at each other instead. I don't look forward to the yelling...but i think it MAY be better than biting!

Not much else going on over here. Paul and i are really trying to rid ourselves of the clutter in our house. SO, Pauls selling some stuff on ebay and so am I! I also just sold my treadmill and i'm still trying to sell the stationary bike. I know i should keep it and use it, but the honest truth is that it hasn't been used since Hannah was a baby. I have no motivation to sit up in the playroom and ride my bike nor jog on the treadmill! NONE WHAT SO EVER!

Anyway, i hope everyone has a great weekend. Goodness, i really feel like a bad blogger. I'm not writing product reviews anymore, haven't commented on too many buddy bloggers blogs, haven't done any of the tags nor awards, etc. I've just been very consumed with this new school thing. I do feel i have lots more time now, but that time has been used with decluttering the house. Taking pics of stuff to sell to my mom friends, etc. I just have SOO many baby clothes and so much clutter in the house i feel like i'm forever organizing things. It's crazy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Today Paul is leaving to the big D for a business metting/manager meeting,he'll be back Sat sometime. I'm sad, but it'll be fun too. I'll have time to really bond with my girls! :) Now lets hope they don't drive me crazy! Hannah is so excited and begging to sleep with me...just us big girls. AND, the twins don't really understand, so no biggie. I think we're just going to kick back, hang out and play with all the neat new puzzles i've bought them lately. They are all really into puzzles...and they are all really good at putting them together. SO, we'll do that and have some boring dinners for a few nights and watch a bit of t.v. and hope i don't oversleep tomorrow morning! :)


Brad & Alyssa said...

Ashlyn gets into biting Adyson once in a while. But only when she really wants something Adyson has. I then I make her sit in time out on the step. After she is done crying I make her give Adyson a hug and kiss. She definitely knows when she is in trouble now.

Good luck!!!!

Oh and about the snacks before dinner and etc...I sooo know what you mean!!! I give in a lot because I HATE the crying and begging at my legs!

Deanna said...

TRUST ME....I feel you on the clothes and clutter!!! I really need to get a hold on all of it! Good luck to you!!!

My girls are big snackers as well, but then again so am I. So it's hard to break them when they see me doing it.

Good luck

Missy said...

Wow, that is a lot to post about. So glad to hear everyone is getting into the groove & sorry to hear the biting is still going on. It will stop eventually, though.
Hmmm, stationary bike for sale - I am curious - is it on Ebay?

jay_say said...

What I did with my twins as well as Chris was whenever they started to bite me or bit someone else, I put the biters hand in their own mouth. They didn't like the feeling of biting themself and it stopped.

We have been having an issue with biting at daycare with Chris but luckily he has started to do it again.

When he gets mad or really frustrated, he will actually bite two of his own fingers. Looks like he's trying to vent out some anger... then he's okay again.

Jamie said...

I'm glad that you're finally getting into the feel of school. Its amazing how much it can change things when you're not used to it!!! I'm facing that here in just about a week when the boys go back. The nice part this year though will be that they both will go at the same times. I'm looking forward to not having a half an hour leeway in the middle any more!!!

good luck with selling things on ebay! When we move we'll be putting a ton of things aside for a garage sale! I don't have enough time to do ebay right now!!!

Miss seeing ya around, but totally understand why you're gone!!!


BoufMom9 said...

Don't beat yourself up! Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes ;)
Glad Paul is finally feeling better!
Also glad to hear you are getting into the swing of things.
I hear you on the biting! Emma has a HUGE bite mark on her shoulder right now. UGH!

Gibson Twins said...

I hope the biting is just a short phase that passes soon. It's hard to stop though- mine are pretty rough with eachother but when they KNOW they are being mean to eachother and about to go to time out its amazing how fast they will run to hug the other one!

When you say "school", does that mean preschool for the twins or something else?

I hope you guys have a nice weekend, and trust me, boring is GOOD :)