Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dr. Appt for my Big Girl!

I took Hannah to the dr. yesterday. She is such a big talker. We had been talking about shots for a month or so...she kept saying it was no biggie. She was tough and could handle it. She was even talking smack while we were in the office...acting like a big girl. THAT IS, until the nurse came in to administer the actual shots. HOLY was not a pretty sight. I think that is why my dr. said they are trying to get all the shots in for all kidos much earlier now(which kinda scares me, but that's another story for another time). Anyway, the minute the nurse walked in with the shots it was bad. She was screaming and screaming at the TOP of her lungs. I mean REALLY screaming. OMG, i didn't know what to do. I held her and snuggled her but she was just scared and MAD! SO, the nurse started with one shot in the arm and she was mad and crying loudly. I don't even think i can explain how loud she was...i guess to the point where i had to cover up her mouth because i didn't want the entire office to evacuate. Then came the legs(two more shots). HOLY SMOKES, it was BAD! She started with one leg and Hannah was flapping around all over the place and i could hardly hold her down. I wanted to STRANGLE the nurse because right after she poked her leg she decided to stop and tell me that the butt would be better WHAT??? ARE YOU SERIOUS LADY? You just poked my poor baby in the leg and NOW you tell me her legs are too thin??? OMG, so i just told her to do whatever. She had to go get ANOTHER needle since she had already poked her in the leg with the needle. As all this was going on Hannah was uncontrollable. I couldn't hold her, she was YELLING at the lady to stop it, and i was trying(ok please don't take this the wrong way), BUT i was trying so hard to hold her down AND no laugh. Not that i like to see my daughter in pain, but because she's 4 and now she was YELLING at the nurse..telling her to get away and all sorts of things. THAT was hilarious!

Anyway, her shots are done for now. We did choose to opt out of the second chicken pox vaccine until next year b/c 3 shots was more than enough for her this year.

BTW, over 24 hours later and her but is really red around the shot area. I'm assuming she was clenched so tight it hurt her muscle. I'm not sure.

So here are my big girls stats:
weight-w/clothes and shoes on 31lbs - 20th percentile
height - 38 inches - 25th percentile
her vision is 20/50 - so not great...but who knows if that's just because she was nervous or what.
her blood pressure was high..but not out of normal range


Gibson Twins said...

The doctor told us at the 18m visit that theres no more shots til age 4 or 5 and I just rolled my eyes because I totally envisioned everything you described... Now I know it's not just my crazy mind! I put Ryan on the scale this weekend and he was butt naked and weighed 28.8 lbs and is about 36 inches tall- he's a stinkin giant! Although, I bought 24 month fall clothes this weekend so thats what they'll be wearing for awhile!

Everytime I do my Depo shots I do them in my thigh because I think the tush hurts way bad (although trust me, I have lots of wiggle room in the thigh LMAO!)

Barbara Manatee said...

oh, poor thing! So far, my two have handled shots really well and we're good for a while, I think, but who knows how bad it will be next time when they are more aware of what's going to happen.

The last time we were at the Dr though, we could hear a young boy next door that sounded PSYCHO b/c he was screaming and yelling so loud over his shots. I mean, if our kids would have understood WHY that kid was screaming, they would have RUN out of there! It was crazy and I almost kind of thought a bit ridiculous. He sounded older (not a 4 year old) and it seemed a way bit much for a kid to be so loud and crazy about that.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Poor girl! Hope she's feeling better!

cat said...

On my, what a drama! Poor little girl.

Harris Boys said...

poor baby...I hate shots...I figured it would get worse when they get older b/c they know what is coming. glad she is done for another year. funny how she is only 31 lbs...both my boys are 27 lbs...heheh

Deanna said...

I totally forgot to post my girls stats from their appointment... Sorry for all of the drama :(

I tagged you on my blog ~play along if you have time.

Carrie & Brook said...

I was looking for a report on the big first day of school, but instead I got a good laugh imagining the picture of what Hannah looked like while you tried to hold her down and make a 'stone face'. I think I'd have trouble not cracking up if my boys were telling the nurse off, too! :) was school??

Jamie said...

Awww, poor girl! I would have pitched a ROYAL fit if they had to RE poke because of their own stupidity!!! Dallas doesn't handle shots well at all either. at his 7 year check up they gave him the chicken pox booster that they now reccommend since his last well check. He screamed. Uncontrollable, unrecognizeable scream. And I laughed too. Not AT him, but because of the situation. They always say laughter and tears are always closely linked. I use that to make myself not feel so bad for giggling over things like that!!!!

Your little peanut is about the same size as Kendyl right now. Kendyl was 31 pounds at her 3 year check up! So she's just a bitty little thing isn't she!! Since I think Kendyl is bitty at that size at 3, I can only imagine at 4!!!