Friday, August 22, 2008

While Daddy is Away, Us girls will PLAY!

Today we ventured out to beyond bounce for a little play group fun! The girls had fun...until more of our friends showed up. Then they became soo clingy! UGH! They were both just stuck to my legs...i just wish they'd start being more interactive with other kidos!
Sam sliding down the slide.
The loved the bouncy things..until one of the girls got run over by a big kid! Then it was all over.
Nice bed right? NO, Look a little closer. I'm seriously not trying to sell this bed on ebay or craigslist or anything. And here's another closer look! Any ideas? Notice the little spot between the line looking sheets?

CAUGHT YOU! O, it's just my girls playing "hide from mommy"! LOL!
Playing with their new puzzles...they LOVE puzzles soo much.

At beyond bounce today! Here is my little Sam and her OCD issues. She was organizing babies just like Hannah does all the time. OMG, it's a mini ME! I do not organize babies...i constantly organize the house.

On thie new battery operated quads! I bought these from a fellow mom. I buy almost all her stuff...she sold these to me for half price! They love them! OK, so we got one dora quad..and one boy quad...think it's superman or spiderman! But, who'll work just fine! I bet we can even redecorate it with pink stickers???!!!

Have a great weekend! I'll post more pics of Ms Hannah that she's gone so much i feel guilty because i don't get to take as many pics of her as i did before! :(


Harris Boys said...

LOVE the pic of the girls in your bed...hahah too funny!!! I have a lot of reading to catch up

have a great weekend!

Missy said...

We have the same kind of Bouce Place here - our place is called Froggy's. But my girls are the same way - they see big kids & here they come to cling to me. But if no one is around - they are crazy, bouncing girls! I feel the same way but I will say they are getting better about playing with other kids. Your pictures are so cute - I love that she organizes her dolls!

jay_say said...

I am exactly the opposite of you... you have all girls... and I am the only girl. You girls look like you are having so much fun together. Does Ms. Hannah like school? What has she been doing?

Lisa & Gerald said...

hehehehe its fun to play well daddys gone! We love the time together too well hubby's gone!

Jamie said...

The pictures of the girls under the bed are too cute!!! And that bounce place sounds like fun. There are some around here, but we'd have to drive a little farther than I'm willing, and pay a little more than I"d like to to play, so we've never been. I bet my kids would love them though!!!

The clingy thing is hard. Thats how Kendyl is too. She's just NOW starting to come out of her shell some more!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Carrie & Brook said...


What kind of puzzles are those? The boys only have one and we need to get a few more. Let me know!

I hope you guys are doing well and that Hannah is enjoying school.

Deanna said...

OH WOW...they look like they are having sooo much fun!!

They are too adorable!