Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hananh's Birthday Presents & MOMS play group on her Birthday!

Some pics from last week. Just haven't had tons of time to post stuff with so many things to do these days. I feel like i'm drowning and can't keep my head above water. I had to cancel Hannah's dr. appt for tuesday b/c of the storm that didn't happen. Friday we should have our last dr. appt for her foot surgery. AMEN to that.

Pauls MUCH better these days. It's nice to have everyone back to normal for the time being. I need some ME time BAD! Anyway, enough are a few pics.

Please be thinking about my friend Carrie .
Her little boys Finn & Reid had or are having surgery today or tomorrow.

Sarah & Hannah... Sam in Daddy's shirt..
Hannah and her new baby doll stroller...
Sharing water..soo sweet!
Play group last Friday...The girls had a blast!
Hula hoop mania!
Hannah is doing good at learning to hula hoop!
More play group!
Bad hair day!
Moon Sand from Gma & Gpa... Funny, the note gma put on the box. "you can only play with this outside on the patio". LOL...gma knows me well! SOO FUNNY!
More play group!
The girls at play group!
Hannah's FAVORITE bday present...She LOVES THIS jewelry box soo much!
Opening presents...
A new piggy bank too??? YAHOO!
Princess Piggy! She loved the bank!
More present opening!
Playing with lays...
Hannah and her hawaiian punch from her lunchable...
Sleepy baby!
Snacks please! Some for the babies while your at it!
I love nannanas!!! :)


Gibson Twins said...

Those girls are just too cute! How did you manage the pics of all the twins sitting and eating so nicely?! That would NEVER happen for me, it'd be MY TWO causing havoc! lol

Looks like Hannah made out pretty well for presents, love the jewelry box, really girlie.

You and Barb have all these awesome playgroups with the twin groups, I think ours has maybe 3 all year and its always to the farm park. I know I know, its Ohio, but STILL. We could totally use a splash pad here!

Harris Boys said...

I love that jewelry box, just what a little girl needs :)

looks like hannah did very well for herself.

Carrie & Brook said...

Whoah! She made out like a bandit!

Thanks so much for giving us a shout out--I'm just now getting caught up on the blog world, too. It takes awhile, doesn't it? I am SO glad that Paul is feeling better and that things are getting back to 'normal'. Now, PLEASE, get some 'me' time for yourself! You deserve it!

Love the Hooters story! You gotta keep up the tradition!