Monday, August 04, 2008


I just wanted to post this because i'm FURIOUS! I've sold many things on ebay and never ever had issues. TODAY i did and i sure did learn my lesson. SO, for all those that do sell on's my advice b/c i'm livid!

ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure you track your packages. I guess in the past, i've shipped through Pauls work and so we've always had tracking. NOW that i decided to be cheap and THOUGHT i'd make a few extra bucks if i shipped USPS...BIG MISTAKE! I shipped this lady a package and she waited almost a MONTH to email me and say she didn't get it. YEAH SERIOUSLY, does it take a MONTH to get a package. Anyway, i had JUST thrown the tracking number away the week before. The lady and i go back and forth...but there was no way to PROVE i sent it to her! I'm SOOOO ANGRY...because i did, if fact track it but threw it away. I buried myself when i emailed her and TOLD her that i didn't have the tracking anymore. So i refunded her money b/c i didn't have a choice. SO, please, everyone that sells on ebay, take this as a lesson learned for all of us that think everyone in this world is as honest as we are!


Ebay does NOT protect you if you don't have proof, neither does paypal. DUH, they are owned by the same company!

Ok, i feel much better...and hopefully i'll have saved someone else some money if you get one of the crook bidders that wants to rip YOU OFF!



Gibson Twins said...

I so know what you mean!! Ebay rapes the part-time sellers of fees and then they will only let you leave positive feedback for a paying buyer. I hate ebay! Do you have your USPS receipt from paying to ship the item? That would work if you do. I don't profit on ebay so I have quit selling stuff there. So sorry you had to go through such an ordeal. Neither Paypal or Ebay offer their sellers any protection from idiot buyers. Who waits a month before saying they didn't get an item? Idiots. Ugh.

Okay stepping down from my soap box now....

Zuleika said...

Oh man that sucks. Sorry to hear what happened I hope you have a better week.:)

bestfamily said...

I quit selling on there awhile back. Mainly because after shipping, ebay fees, and the ever present feeling of "Like I REALLY need one more thing to check on"! Sorry the lady waited so long to say anything, and even sorrier that you lost out on the rofit you did have from it!

Gibson Twins said...

(response to your comment on my blog)

I bet Hannah shows the little girls all the tricks on how and where to climb to get the "good stuff" lol! Mine are so wild lately and so full of energy but its a billion degrees outside and no one wants to be out to run around so we all hide inside in the a/c because we're wimps!

We did win the Chicco stroller on the Twinsights/Twinfatuation contest a few weeks ago. It is working so nicely!

Missy said...

Ugh! Ebay - I have never sold anything just bought but I have heard stories.... so sorry you had to go through this.

Oh, I have tagged you to play a game... Check it out @