Saturday, August 09, 2008

The BackYardigans LIVE!!!

We went to see the Backardigans LIVE today! We went with my MOMS group...but i wasn't much of a group this time. I was a bit sad that all the seats were in one section...but no where near each other. I was very very happy, My sister and Allison came with us! Otherwise, it would have just been me and Hannah! She had a BLAST. The girls both had so much fun.

Secondly, i was very surprised that we were not allowed to take pics inside the theater. Uh, ask if that made a difference for me? NOPE! AND, if you were wondering...YES, i did get busted! I was at least courteous enough to turn off my flash(unlike a few hundred people who were totally taking pics the entire time!!). This old grumpy lady was behind me though..and just waiting to pounce on me! Jennifer kept telling me i was going to get busted...Guess she was right. I do think the whole "no picture" thing is RIDICULOUS! I mean, why should we pay all this money to go see a show...just want pics to share with our little ones later(and maybe add a few to our blogs) and they say NO! For what reason, i'm not sure. Maybe just to annoy the heck out of me. And it sure did work! Either way, we had a blast...and the girls had SOO Much fun hanging out, as did me and my sister. So here are the pics i "stole" of our first LIVE show! :) Enjoy and copy and share with everyone...LOL! Ok, just kidding, but i feel like i got ripped off b/c i couldn't get more just b/c the grumpy old lady watching me like a hawk! Kinda blury..but what are you going to do with a grumpy old lady watching behind you! :)

Cover up the LCD and shoot...that's what i did! It was pretty darn funny!
Oh, the show was soo great! It was not as bad as i thought.

Cousins forever...and best friends until it's nap time! LOL!
They are just soo cute together and all 4 girls were able to get cool t-shirts!
Auntie J and the girls with their wands! They loved those wands.

Another pic of Auntie J and the girls!
Auntie B or as Hannah calls me, BRENDA & the girls!
Another pic. Aren't they sweet???
It was weird not to have my other two...but it was a day filled with fun!

The end!
P.S. i would have had MORE pics if the old lady behind me hand just left me alone! Ok, have i said that enough or what???!!! LOL!


Harris Boys said...

hahah your so funny about the camera and old lady behind you. most shows like that are no camera...not sure why??

loved your comment about consignment shopping. I don't think there is anything wrong with buying 'used' has saved me probably hundreds of dollars :)

love the pic of you and the girls...hannah looks so much like you!!

BoufMom9 said...

FANTASTIC! I am soooo jealous! E&W LOVE the Backyardigans! I would LOVE to take them!

Lisa & Gerald said...

I hope BackYardigans visits Canada real soon! Looks like you guys enjoyed the show!

Missy said...

So cute - I hope the show comes to Birmingham. I agree abou the pics - we went to see Beauty & Beast and they told us "No pics!" they said it was to preserve the show & the privacy of the performers. We had a meet & greet before & were told "Be sure you bring your pics!" I wish now I would have brave & took a pic. Oh well, wonderful pics of your and your family!!!

Jamie said...

That looks like a lot of fun! We took the boys to the Wiggles back in the day, and they LOVED it!!! We were allowed pictures, but not video. . .we totally took video though on our camera!! Ooops!!!!

Glad you had fun!

Barbara Manatee said...

How fun! My two think all the Backyardigans are "Pablo!" Just like everyone on Sesame Street is Elmo! haha!

We are braving it and taking the twins to see Playhouse Disney Live in October! We figured something big and fun to do before baby #3 arrives and an early birthday present for them. I hope they handle it well!