Monday, August 04, 2008

GO AWAY Tropical Storm Eduardo! Your NOT WELCOME HERE!!!

WHAT? Uh, i must be loosing it. We didn't even know a Tropical Storm was headed our way, Paul opened up drudge report and the header says "Houston on Alert: Tropical Storm Eduardo could make landfall with hurricane strength"! Yes, i'm obviously out of the loop on this one. This is the SECOND t.s/hurricane to hit TEXAS!!! Guess it's time to stock up on Hurricane supplies and keep my car filled up with gas. GOOD thing the price of gas is finally going back down a bit! I filled up the other day and paid 3.78 a gallon..much better than 4.20!

Great News, Paul is feeling much better. Bad news, i'm EXHAUSTED! Probably from planning a party and then for some crazy reason i got a wild hair and cleaned the kids room and game room...i mean i cleaned and re-organized EVERYTHING! Hannah received soo many toys, we needed to re-organize some and get some a bag or two to donate. I also had to wash all the sheets in the house(it's been feeling grungy in here since Paul's sickness), wash clothes that i haven't had time to wash in a few days & do a few loads of dishes.

We'll keep ya'll posted on the baby Hurricane that's headed this way!

For those interested(Gma & Gpa M) you can also check: for updates!


Cheryl Lage said...

Hurrican Isabel slammed us when our twins were two. Five days with no power, but we were amongst the lucky ones. (Glad our kids were so young that we didn't have to explain people stealing bags of ice off delivery trucks...)

Hoping for storm minimization and safety for you all!

bestfamily said...

UGH! I didn't know there was another t.s. out there either until I logged onto to yahoo this morning! Hoping it doesn't develop into a hurricane. So far we haven't been hit this year, but it is still early. Lovely time of year huh?!