Friday, August 29, 2008

Two Steps forward...Two steps back!

Yesterday seemed to be a pretty good day. Despite the issues with Hannah's school teacher, the girls seemed to be doing much better.

Here is the story in a nutshell. I decided(out of the kindness of my heart, LOL) to go ahead and warn the school that if Hannah starts to whine about her belly hurting or poops a ton, to give me a call b/c the girls have a virus. SO, i pull up to school in the drop off lane because i did NOT want to get out with the girls(even though i felt bad about just dumping off my poor daughter at school.) Luckily, her teacher was one of the teachers assigned to the drop off lane yesterday morning. SO, i drive up, jump out and ask ms. Cantu if i could talk to her for a second. She comes over and i tell her the situation. The girls are sick, but Hannah seems and tells me she is FINE. She had a normal poop yesterday and is acting just fine. She looked upset right away. So i ask her what i should do and she pretty much told me to take Hannah home and come back on Tuesday. I asked her if that's school policy? She said, No, but if they are sick then she'll probably get it and pass it around. The Father was standing right there. I felt horrible, but told her that i had already told Hannah we were coming to school and i asked her again if she had felt ok and she said she was fine. I asked her(as in Hannah), if she wanted to go home or stay at school and she said she wanted to stay there. I told the teacher, that was it and i was dropping her off and just to call me right away if something happens...but i really thought she'd be fine. She said ok, but you could tell she was pissed off. Whatever, i'm paying lots of money for that school and if she's not sick, she's going to school. SO, in a nutshell, i dropped her off and then felt all guilty like i was a bad mom and i should have taken her home. BUT, thinking back, my mom NEVER let us stay home if the other child was sick...we had to go to school. SO, i called Paul, my mom and Melody for moral support b/c i felt like a bad mom. Now, thinking back, i should have just dropped her off and went about my merry way. BUT, i thought it was the right thing to do to forewarn them, just in case. It's definitely a lesson learned for me. If you other children are take the ones that aren't sick and drop them off and go about your merry way, perhaps clinging to the phone awaiting a telephone call from school. BUT, take them none the less, and DO NOT tell the school! :)

Anyway, Hannah was fine all day long. I picked her up at 315 and all was just fine.

That day, i worked really hard on pumping the girls full of bread and anything that would dry them up. It seemed to be working really well. Both girls only had one poop before leaving to school and we were set to have a good day. After dropping Hannah off i got home and the a/c guy showed up early(AMEN TO COOL AIR)! He found the problem, went to get the part and came back and fixed the a/c. Then the darn dryer guys showed up(knew they wouldn't have a part) and found that the front of the dryer/lcd screen blew and they'd have to order a part. DUH, they never have parts.

Today was a completly different day. The girls pooped about 10x's total before putting them all in the car to take Hannah to school. They are SICK of the BRAT diet and i'm at a loss for what to do. SO, i went to the grocery store(with sick babies in tow, i know i'm a really horrible mom for that....there's nothing like sharing the germs), and bought this yummy vanilla half cake. I fed the girls some sliced apples in the car on the way home and the cake ended up being a hit. UH, until Melody told me that it probably has TONS of sugar and more than likely wouldn't help stop them back up! UGH! Either way, they devoured the what's a little more poop when you've already cleaned up so many diapers in one day anyway! :)


Lisa & Gerald said...

I don't think you are a mean mommy ! you did the right thing sending her and oh well if the teacher didn't like the idea
Have a great weekend!