Sunday, August 17, 2008

This weekend

We didn't really do much this weekend. Paul felt bad friday night, so we stayed home and had pizza. Saturday was a birthday party for one of Hannah's good friends at the mad potter, which was fun but very chaotic. The kidos all painted their ice cream bowls in 5-10 minutes down pat and then they were all running around like crazy kids. The room was small and i felt like a MDO teacher in a room full of kids that had just drank a few red bulls each! LOL! Hannah had fun and is always so good at jumping right in and playing with everyone.

Saturday night we had date night. We went to cafe le deux, which made me really really want to go back to VEGAS! It's a sister company of the cheese cake factory and talking about delicious food. We got there around 8p and had a drink at the bar b/c the wait was 15-30 minutes. When we finally got paged the hostess took us right back to a little table in the BAR we had just been sitting in a prior. I pitched a fit because i didn't feel like we'd get the entire feel of the awesome restaurant, sitting in the BAR! We had to get another pager and hung out for a while longer while the found us a new seat in the actual restaurant. My pet peeve is a restaurant that tries to squish as many people into the restaurant as possible and then reverts to the BAR for fine dining! I'm not a fool. I pay for a nice meal, i don't want to sit in the bar! Anyway, the restaurant was FABULOUS! We had lettuce wraps(which are not as good as the lettuce wraps at cheese cake factory), then we shared some sort of chicken meal that was looked like it could literally feed 5 or 6 people. I didn't even know chickens grew as big as this chicken breast on our plate looked. :) Then we had some bignets(spelling)! They were DELICIOUS! OMG, they were sooo good! I think i gained about 10 lbs this weekend! But i'll be back to my diet regimine tomorrow! We were soo bad, we even brought the left over bignets for breakfast this morning...popped those babies in the toaster oven and they were JUST as good as they were last night! YUMMY!!!

Today we took back a bday present Hannah received for her bday and let her pick out a new present. She picked out this box FULL of make up! She is SOOO funny, she snuck off and painted the girls nails with the clear glittery nail polish before i confinscated it from her Then we came home and Paul started to feel bad again. We're not really sure what is wrong with he's going to the dr. tomorrow to have them do some testing. He said he feels like someone punched him in the belly! So, hopefully, they'll be able to figure out what is wrong with him and get him all fixed up and our bad luck of sick people will be on the mend.

Hannah starts a new week of school tomorrow. I was exhausted from these past few hopefully Tue or Thur i can maybe catch up on a bit of sleep while the kidos are all at school. Goodness i feel sleep deprived.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I've decided not to write product reviews for HDYDI anymore. My brain is fried and i have so many other things on my mind, i'm just not very motivated. I'm still going to write here and there, but mostly about twin life in general. No more product reviews. I hope i keep up and do write every once in a while. I really did enjoy writing little reviews but i just needed to not feel so pressured to get a posting done and i had become so last minute with writing them. UGH!


Lisa & Gerald said...

Sounds like you had a good but busy weekend girl ! I hope your hubby is ok?

cat said...

So nice to have a night out - you want it to be perfect and not to sit in the bar. Really! I so understand what you say.