Friday, August 15, 2008

Our First day w/o Hannah!

Well, second day for me. BUT, today was STILL really hard. Hannah was a bit solemn yesterday when i picked her up from school. I kept asking her if she was ok? She kept telling me yes, but i just knew she wasn't ok. It's a mothers intuition. It's hard to explain. So, she finally just started yelling and said she was fine and to stop asking her. Maybe i was just annoying her, i don't know. Then, this morning as we were getting ready to leave, it got bad. She started crying and said she didn't want to go to school today, she wanted to stay with us. OMG, it was hard to keep my composure...but i knew i HAD to be strong today because it would only make things easier if i didn't cry. SO, i held my ground and said she could call daddy and talk to him. She called and told him...he said she just had to go. I told her that she should want to go to school, if she stays home she's going to be soo bored because we aren't doing anything today after we drop her off. I told her, her cousin Allison goes to school everyday and LOVES it. She wanted to call and talk to her but it was really early in the morning and so i told her we'd call her when she got home from school! Anyway, we got everyone loaded up and she was ok. When we pulled in to school, she was FINE. No big deal, and she was SOO excited to show off her sisters. It was PRECIOUS! She was holding their hands...and wanted them to sit with her when they went up front to pray! Talking about melting my heart. They prayed and we left. The girls blew kisses to her as she walked off in the distance. It was hard to remain composed...goodness i've been emotional a ton this week. After she left i loaded the girls up in the car and headed towards home. Now, here is the funny part. I was driving down one of the streets i've been driving down for over 2 or 3 years now and for the first time i see a TURTLE come walking across the street! :) It was HILARIOUS & I just HAD to have it. So i pulled over in someones front yard, popped on my hazards b/c it was just a two lane rd. and grabbed Hannahs purse/Easter basket to go retrieve the turtle! As my friend Melody said, I SAVED the turtle! LOL! It was pretty big but i was holding the purse as tight as i could b/c he was MAD at me! Finally i had to pull over and put that purse inside a plastic bag i found in the back...he chomped right through that. SO, i had to grab one of my handy dandy beach towels i always keep in the back just in case some pukes or poops and i need a towel. I wrapped everything up in the towel and tried to hold it shut. Now looking back i was probably suffocating the poor guy, but i didn't want him to bite me. I forgot to mention as i chased it across the street stopping all the traffic two guys that lived right there were coming up, one backing out of his driveway and one walking his dogs. I DID ask if they minded if i took it and/or if it was their turtle. They said the turtles are wild in their neighborhood. HOW WEIRD! So, to make a long story short, i wrapped the bad mean chomping turtle up and hurried along to pauls shop to get a box to put him in since he was busting out of his home. I called my sister on the way there and she told me all about SALMONELLA and turtles. I had no idea! SO, we didn't know what to do with it. I was going to release it in the back of pauls shop where he has a water drainage area that the city makes you put in b/c of all the cement he has and for the water to drain. He's plugged it with balls a couple of times to try to actually make a pond(don't tell anyone i told you that, LOL). Of course i didn't work anyway, so no biggie. Anyway, i really wanted Hannah to see him first. SO, i brought him home in a box and then i pulled out the kiddie pool for him to play in and not escape. He's outside right now under the porter cache right now veggin on carrots and celery! :) My mind started racing a few hours ago and i decided we just can't keep him, due to the salmonella, and then i remembered our FAVORITE babysitter of all time, TARA, has a turtle and she is always telling us if we have an animal to get rid of, she wants it. SO, i called her, since she's home from college AND babysitting for us tomorrow night, and sure enough, she wants him. She came to check him out and she is so excited. I told her she can't take him home until after my Hannah sees him though. SO, she said she'll come by later and pick him up...and she wants HANNAH to name the little guy! HOW SWEET!!! SO, when i got to pick her up i can't wait to tell her all about it! She's going to be soo excited and want to sit out there all day and watch him, i'm sure! :)

Other than that, we had a good day. I really do miss Hannah! It's so weird to not have her here with us. I'm not sure if the girls noticed the difference or not. They had to have noticed. They played good for a while...then fought a bit. But, all in all, the week hasn't been too bad. I think i just miss Hannah! :( Thank Goodness Matties Grandma told me about early dismissal today, i would have been in BIG trouble. I totally forgot...but now it's marked on every calendar around here. I will NOT forget now. The kidos get out at 215p. So, today's schedule has been a bit different. We came home after the turtle drama and played some. Then the girls had a early lunch(about 1115-1130a). Then i put them down for a nap. I'll wake them up by 145p, if they aren't up yet, and load them up to go pick up Hannah! We'll be home about 245p and then we'll play till daddy gets home and then head out to dinner!

Here are a few pics from today!
Hanging out with big sis, before prayers.

Mr. Turtle!This is what My sweet Hannah teaches them. How to take chairs and block themselves in to play quietly! It was soo cute. Hannah does this all the time! It's their secret hide away!


Missy said...

Oh, I feel for you! Hannah will eventually fall in love with going to school though. What a wonderful turtle story & how sweet is Hannah wanting to show off her sisters!
We have the Pottery Barn red chairs too!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh your post was so sweet about you and hannah and your little turtle friend!

jay_say said...

Oh... I feel for Hannah... hopefully she will learn to love it. Just talk about the different things she is learning and maybe about some new things she can do (or help do) around the house now that she is bigger.