Sunday, November 04, 2007

This weekend Happenings

First of all to the important stuff! :) The girls are both taking 6 steps at a time...sometimes more! YIKES...i'm about to really have my hands full. I'm so excited though. They have both made such progress in a weeks time. They go back and forth and Sam will do something really cool...and then Sarah will out run her the next day. It's amazing how alike they are these days. I weighted Sam the other day and she weighted 18.5. Sarah weighted 17.8 so they are still right around 1lb apart. The girls are also waving like crazy! You say "bye, bye" and they both start screaming...and waving. It's really really cute. I'm really enjoying this part of the girls growing up. I have never been into baby babies(i'm a nervous wreck not knowing what's wrong when they cry, how to calm them, etc.)...but once they get this age i really enjoy watching the girls hit their milestones. To be quite honest i feel that the girls are really outdoing themselves. Being that they were 4 weeks early...i don't ever use their corrected age for anything. They are thriving and growing so fast right before my eyes. I'm definitely much happier now that they are so sweet and don't cry anymore. I look forward to each day knowing that there will be something new...another first, etc. Also, they have been eating all sorts of new things these days. I give them cheese, yogurt, crackers, oatmeal cream pies(they LOVE them), cheese puffs, bananas, chunks of soft soaked baby apples, baby green beans and today i bought a can of chunks of sweet potatoes in a can and sliced them up into bite size pieces and they gobbled them down like they hadn't eaten in days! :) It's so wonderful to have babies that like to eat. It's so different from Ms. Hannah....the one that never liked new foods...wouldn't eat a bottle unless she was sleeping and only ate hot dogs for weeks at a time. The twins LOVE everything.

On another note. My girlfriend (S & S's God Mother)Katie, from HS came into town on business and came down to visit. We had a great time! Had some great bonding time and Hannah just loves her so much! Anyway i have some pics to post from the weekend but i'll have to post them tomorrow. All in all the weekend was great and i'm always sorry to see Katie go home.