Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Today we went trick or treating. The girls dressed at duckies and Hannah was a princess. We went all around the neighborhood and had a blast. Then we had trick or treaters come to our house since we went trick or treating early.

The pics didn't come out too only have soo long to take a pic of a baby before they start to move around and loose their patience.
On another note: Sarah took THREE whole steps today. Also, Hannah has gone 4 whole days without going potty in her pants! YAHOO!
Third of all we had to do a bit of rearranging of bedroom furniture b/c S & S both learned to climb up on to Hannah's toddler bed. UGH! They both just pull themselves up and start bouncing all around. Since they are still spitting up a ton i had to wash her whole bed set because there was puke all over the bed(sure hope this isn't an everyday occurrence). Anyway i'll post some pics of that soon. It's really cute...until someone gets hurt! Sarah just dove head first off of the bed today...luckily i didn't freak and started laughing...she looked startled at first but got right back up after i started laughing(it's the whole reverse psychology thing you have to do so they don't freak out b/c you don't freak out). Anyway on top of all this craziness going on Sarah dove head first into one of the bouncy chairs the other day and got a HUGE was weird because it poped right up. I thought for a second she busted a blood vessel in her head it looked soo bad. It also went down fairly quickly. The next day i looked and it was almost gone.
One last thing and i'm off to bed. I'm trying to adjust the girls schedules a bit so that they only have 5 bottles a day. I did it today and they were fine. I fed them at 6,10, 130(they were screaming about then) and 345 and then not again till 740p. In between i've started feeding them food. So i feed them pancakes at 8 and then real food again at 12n. They nap around 1030 and then again around 200p. It's been working out great so far.
Think that's it for now.. My girlfriend Katie(Sarah & Sams Godmother) is coming in town this weekend. I'm so excited. She's coming in on business and just decided to drop on by...we're ditching the kidos with Paul friday night and going to dinner and then Sat he gets to hang with them again while we do girl stuff...i'm really excited and ready for a small break away from cleaning up puke & dirty diapers. Guess life could be worse...i could still be getting up every 2-3 hours at night with two screaming hungry babies! LOL