Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some Video of Sarah & Sam walking

Here is some video of the girls walking! Sam is in the first one...Sarah in the second one!

Dear Grandma,
We are paitiently waiting your arrival in Dec. We will be walking like pros by then ,so be ready to chase us all around the house.

The girls have been taking steps for a while now. I just never seemed to have the darn camera when they'd take a step or two. Now they are really moving...i think they've almost figured out that it's easier and faster to get from point A to point B walking instead of crawling.

A little info about the i don't forget later on in life. The girls will both give you a high five. They will both wave bye bye. They know when you ask if they want a bottle or are hungry. They are not good at sharing even though they don't know any different...hmm, where did they get that from? They LOVE their big sister! They love to try new foods. They climb like monkeys. They love baths, esp all 3 in the tub together. They follow Hannah around like a puppy on a leash. They are not big sleepers(8p-5:20a is a typical good nights sleep for them).

By the way we are counting down till the days they start MDO...i'm nervous, excited and anxiously awaiting how MDO is going to handle the girls in one class room. LOL!! It's going to be entertaining! It's going to be quite interesting to see how the interact with out kidos...if they play together and forget about all the other kidos around...etc. O yeah i have decided to keep them in the same class room as long as possible. I think once they start to get into to much trouble or distract each other....then will talk about seperate clasrooms. Until they are staying together!