Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hannah's Room & Guest Room

Since i went out and bought furniture for Hannah's big girl room upstairs we decided we needed to get with the program and get painting! We've already primed the Camo green room which will be Hannah's room later on but the guest room for the next year or two until the girls are ready to sleep upstairs. We'll paint the guest room the light purple i had painted Hannah's room at the tilson/old house. Then we'll move the guest furniture into that room(purple room) and get to painting Hannah's room which later will be come the twins room since there are two closets in that room. Then we'll paint Hannah's room/Julias old room Pink! Anyway, that's pretty much all we've been doing all weekend.

The girls are doing good. Walking more and more by the day. Yesterday Sarah surpassed Sam and took like 10 steps(estimation). I couldn't believe my eyes. One day soon they will catch on and decide it's soo much easier to get those cute little legs moving and stop crawling. I guess either way i'm just glad they are moving around. Sometimes kidos don't crawl until later on(up to and later than 14 months) and i couldn't imgaine the girls not getting around on their own. I like it that they've become somewhat little people that can entertain themselves.

Anyway Hannah's on like 8 days without an accident...knock on wood and cross your fingers she's officially potty trained. I still send her to MDO with a pull up on...but they always send her back with the same pull up on(i know because they have car pull ups and i have princess pull ups here).

Think that's it for now...i promise to post some pics soon...