Friday, November 23, 2007

Some Random Pics of the last few days!

Thanksgiving Paintings...What Hannah is thankful for...I think she forgot Mom & Dad!Allison is thankful for her mom and dad...what a smart girl! LOL!

Here are a few random pics... Hannah eating thanksgiving dinner
The girls in their bare high chairs eating thanksgiving's definitely the easier way to clean the darn high chairs!
Another picof thanks giving dinner
Samantha's Groovy shirt!
Sarah's groovy shirt!

Hannah & Allison playing in mommys room! Nice little palet of dolls and pillows!
Another pic of the girls playing in mommys room!
Riding the Barbie jeep....they STILL don't know how to drive it and run into bushes and anything else in their way!

Sam and Daddy chilling! Don't they look relaxed!
This is a funny one with a story! I took a pic of her b/c i was changing her one day and found her STILL dressed in her shirt from the day before...underneath her pj's! Daddy might be loosing his mind...or just really tired!
Hannah & Allison eating snacks!
Hannah and Allison painting their turkey day paintings!

S & S playing in the same bouncy chair!

And Sam is just sharing when there's TWO bouncy chairs in the living room!


Adam & Andrew said...

Thanks for your post! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!