Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dr. Appt today

The girls had a late 9 month appt with Dr. E today! It went really well.

Sarah is: Weight 17.8-10%
Height 27.5 - 20%
Head: 18 - 80%

Sam is: Weight 18.6 - 20%
Height 29.75- 75%

SO, my girls are short and skinny! WHAT? I had NO IDEA! I really thought they were nice and chubby...but obviously not! Anyway, everything else was just fine! Dr. E said we got an A+ for doing so well with the girls. They are taking about 7-8 steps now unassisted so they are doing well with that too! They are eating like champs so i'm really happy with them!

They wore their Baby A and Baby B new onsies today...i took a couple of pics. I'll post them soon!

The girls also had an inpromptu play date yesterday. One of my friends Dottie brought her babies over to buy some of my pj's and the girls were able to play together. We all had a blast and i can't wait to take them out to Dotties house to play again.

Think that's it for now..i promise pics will follow soon!