Wednesday, November 14, 2007

YUCK! Chocolate Milk!

Hannah drinks chocolate milk every night and morning. She's been doing this since she was a bit over a year since she doesn't much like regular milk and she needs the nutrition since she's so skinny. Anyway today she had one milk this morning...then found another one she hadn't drank yesterday so she wanted that one too. I said fine whatever. She drank the first one..then brought the second one out but didn't drink it right away. I told her to go put it in the sink b/c it had been sitting out for a while. Little did i know that she actually went and put it back in the it out an hour or so later and started to drink it. She drank about half..then started chocking...then puke went EVERYWHERE! Luckily i'm accustomed to her puking and on first reflex took her shirt and put it over her mouth to catch the nasty regurgitated chocolate milk and chocolate donuts she had this morning! POOR BABY...she was puking and it was ALL OVER HER FACE! I'm such a bad mom. What was i to do though b/c it was either in her face, which i could wash, or all over the couch and carpet that we play on all day long! YUCK!! Anyway i ran to the kitchen sink with her and cleaned her up a bit and then took her straight to the bath to get clean. ALL this while thankfully the girls had just fallen asleep in their bouncys after a bottle. Unfortunately the crying woke them up and they were right in the bathroom with me a few minutes later!

Anyway, the day started out good...they woke up at 5:20...a little later than 5a. Yesterday was 5:40 and i was in heaven...i can take 5:20 though...and then like 10 cups of coffee! LOL!!

I also forgot to tiny baby girl weights 29.6lbs now! I was soo excited! I thought she was going to be 27lbs forever! LOL!! She's just such a small baby compared to my big whopper girls! They will weight as much as her in no time!

On another's officially 6 weeks till the girls FIRST BIRTHDAY! I can't believe it! I can't believe i made it through a whole year with twins! We have been blessed with two(really 3) beautiful girls...and they have been so healthy and happy(now). I enjoy everyday and i'm so happy that God chose me and Paul to have twins...identical twins at that! It's been the best adventure of my life, stressful and sleepless...but something i will never forget! Anyway what i was getting at with this is that it's time to start planning a party! My friend melody brought up a good point...why not make it a early new years eve party every year! So this year will have their bday/new years eve party on Dec 29th. Now i better get working with a list of who to invite!