Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hannah's a BIG GIRL NOW!

Well, knock on wood, but my big girl is OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED! She was doing great last weekend and has only had a couple of accidents! She is doing so well! I'm sooo proud of her. On top of that, we went and bought her her new bedroom furniture today! Well Hannah and I did b/c i didnt' really want to take daddy and he veto all the bedroom sets i picked out! SO, Hannah and i went alone. We bought a really nice set of white furniture with a QUEEN BED...for Queen Hannah! HA HA! Anyway it's really nice and i'll give the lady i bought it from a call in a couple of weeks to take delivery after we get the bedrooms upstairs all nice and painted! Now let's cross our fingers she actually sleeps in that bed! Who knows...but it was worth a try!

On another note...the girls are doing really well walking! They are loving it and Sam is taking about 10 steps at a time. On top of that she's found she really likes to walk more than crawl so she'll find her way around the room hanging on to the wall or furniture or anything she can hold on to so she doesn't have to crawl! It's soo cute...

I have a couple of pics to post...i don't have the loaded as soon as i get them i'll put them on my blog!

Also, we are staying home for thanksgiving this year...i'm sad, but there is just no way we could go to my sisters and have any fun with the girls moving around soo much. Maybe next year once they move into the new house and have a ton of room! We are planning xmas here with my family(maybe) and we'll have Pauls family all down here Dec 20th-24th...i think that'll be lots of fun since Hannah will get to meet her Aunt Terra and Cousin Isabella, whom she has never met.