Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What i'm thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is upon us(two days away)...i can't believe it! It's not cold outside so to me it just doesn't seem like the holidays are right around the corner. Weird! Anyway, this year i'm going to list all the things i'm thankful for...or at least some of them.

1. My family most of all
2. Health of all my family...
3. a roof over our heads..
4. My friends(i don't have that many but the ones i have i hold close to my heart)
5. Stability
6. Sleeping babies(LOL)
7. My dogs
8. Food to feed our family
9. Money to pay the bills

I'll add more as i think of them... To all of you reading this...Happy Thanksgiving. We are spending this holiday as a family. My parents are going over to my oler sisters house but we're not going b/c her house is really small and their is breakable stuff all over the house. I just don't feel comfortable going somewhere like that with the kidos...i would be on edge the whole time. Instead we're cooking our own Thanksgiving dinner...wish us luck. Should be fun! I'm making a peach cobbler(from scratch) and paul is cooking a small turkey and some casseroles! Yummy!

On another note...the girls are almost exclusively walking. Theyd definitely walk more than they crawl. I even took them outside in the front circular drive to walk around today. They had a blast...Sarah definitely out did Sam today. She was a walking fool. Sam was more interested in the leaves and dirty.