Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some great pics from today!

Here are a couple of cute pics from today.
Also, my mom & dad have a new addition to their family! An eight week old puppy my mom named Kelley! She is a mini schnauzer and just precious and so spunky!

Sarah eating dinner..the reason i really took these was b/c i cut their hair...talking about butchering some hair! Hannah could have cut it better than i did! LOL!
Sam's doesn't look SOO bad...a little longer..and a little straighter!
Hannah's messy buttery hands! YUCK!

Another cute pose...she's such a sweetie..when you don't make her mad and she goes and pees somewhere just to spite you like she did today when i wouldn't give her two snacks at once even though i knew she wouldn't eat both! Talking about terrible 3's!

This one is funny...everyonce in a while i give the girls cheerios on a baking sheet on the floor(i know it's like i'm feeding a dog) anyway it occupies them when i'm busy cooking in the kitchen. Anyway today i did this and the dogs were begging for food and tSarah ended up sitting in the middle of the baking sheet! TOO FUNNY!

Another one of Sarah sitting in the middle of the cookie sheet!
Sam sharing her cheerios...don't you love her hair cut! :)

A fit glimpse of sweet baby Kelley! She's soo cute!
Mom & Kelley!
Another one of mom and her new baby kelley! What a great xmas present we were able to get her this year!
Sam playing with Hannah and drinking out of her new bottle.
Sarah has really really CROOKED hair..there's just no way to fix it since i chopped it so short!