Thursday, November 29, 2007

A busy weekend ahead!

Everytime i turned around Sam was leaning over looking at something...HMM... And then i look at her and she has puke all over her face! yuck! Perhaps becuase she was looking down so long she got a bit of motion sickness...LOL!
I tried and tried to get all 3 looking at the same time...just didn't work! Darn!!!

First of all i'd like to ask for prayers for that poor little girl that was murdered by her mother and step father in Galveston. It's soo sad and i just can't seem to understand why these people do this. Why don't these people just go drop their kids off somewhere if they don't want them. Their are TONS of people out there that would love to have a child and can't that would love a baby of their own. I can't believe the news is just reporting...she is also pregnant again! WHAT IN THE WORLD! I just don't believe it. I guess the good part is that that poor little girl will never really know her mother and hopefully she'll be shielded on what happened and someone great will be able to enjoy that poor baby! I'm just speechless about the whole thing and my heart goes out for that grandmother who was taking care of baby grace before her mother came down to houston/galveston and met this freak of nature/child murder!

On a happier note..we have alot to do this weekend and i'm excited! We are going to do family portraits today. Then Sat we are going to see Santa at my Moms of Multiples childrens social(funny right...childrens social?!). Sat night i'm going to the Adult MOMS social which will be fun. Then sunday we're decorating for xmas(that is, if it doesn't rain)! YAHOO! This year will be fun fun fun...because now that the girls are walking we can just let them play and run around in the front yard while we decorate the front of the house! O, it's so nice that they are walking!!!

On another note...we just received the choo choo wagon( today! We already took the girls out for a walk today! They love it(even though Sam puked in her choo choo..YEP they are STILL SPITTING UP SOME!!). We love it too because you can strap them down since Sarah has always tried to jump out when we'd take her for a walk in the ATW with the bumpos inside of it. It's also nice because we don't have to worry about how hannah is going to get around on our walk...sometimes she'll want to ride her bike and half way through decide she'd done and we're stuck pulling it or dragging it. UGH!

Today i'm venturing out for the FIRST TIME EVER WITH THREE KIDDOS ALL BY MYSELF! Please wish me some luck... I bought Hannah some shoes the other day for our famiy portraits today(size 7, and they looked really big) and they are way way to small for her. SO, i have to go up to target to get her some black patent leather shoes for today. YIKES! I've told her like 10xs over and over she better behave and not act up and we're just walking in, getting shoes and walking out! O dear i hope she's good!

Think that's it for now...i'll load some of the family pics today and some pics of the choo choo wagon ride too!

Happy Friday!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO PAPA & MAMA BENCH for buying the choo choo wagon for the girls...they LOVE IT SO MUCH!