Monday, November 12, 2007

Hannah went to MaMa & PaPa's house

I had to go by my mom & dad's house to get some painting throws for the carpet in the bedroom so Hannah decided she wanted to go over and stay for a while by herself with my parents. I called my parents and they said that sounded fun! SO, I dropped Hannah off with some lunch just in case she decided to be picky and only wanted to eat hot dogs. So, she's at my parents right now hanging out playing with my mom. This is the FIRST time i've let her go on her own...she's such a brave baby..there was no hesitation in her at all. She even packed up a bag full of stuff to take over...drawing stuff and toys. It was really cute. She even wanted to pack her pj's but i told her no because she has school tomorrow.

SO, it's just me and the twins for the next couple of hours.

I just took some video of the girls i will be adding that to my blog shortly!