Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Late 11 Month birthday!

I totally didn't realize that yesterday was the 26th and the girls 11 month birthday! I can't believe it's been THAT long since we brought them home. It sure doesn't seem like it. They have grown SOO much in the past 11 months and hit so many milestones. They have grown out of their "witching hours" and really been a joy to all our lives. We just love them soo much and i couldn't imagine our life without them. We love our house filled with noise and "talking". We love watching them grow before our eyes. I wanted to list all the milestones they've hit since they were born...just so i can remember what all they've done.

1. Sam has 7 teeth still and Sarah has 6

2. They've both mastered sitting up, crawling, and now walking

3. They eat any finger food you put in front of them and their favorites are pancakes, sweet potato chunks, french fries, green beans, white cheese Cheetos & graham crackers. They don't really like corn that much or anything small b/c they have issues holding the small things.

4. They play hard, fight hard and sometimes really love on each other.

5. They don't like to share even though they don't know any other way.

6. They always want the same toy even if it's a bowl out of the drawer.

7. They finally sleep from 730p-5aish.

8. They love to eat cheerios off the baking pan on the floor in the kitchen while we're cooking.

9. They LOVE TO EAT...such a change from Hannah

10. They are not big cuddlers anymore

I will add more as i think of them...

On another note...there are going to be a few exciting things happening in the next month that i'm really really looking forward to happening in our house.

First of all we're going to start transitioning them to milk around Dec 15th...i'm hoping we've bought our last gigantic Sams can of 33.00 formula. They start MDO at St. Rose after the first of the year. We get to switch their car seats around to front facing. We're going to be having a big birthday party for them Dec 29th! These are all so exciting to me! I just can't believe i made it through this first year with my sanity and only a few more grey hairs! LOL!

Hannah has also changed so much since the girls were born. She's helped a ton. She LOVES to help me with everything. She already helps me unload dishes, clear the table after we eat & brings me bibs when i need them. She's just such a big girl & we just love her soo much...even if she knows how to manipulate us! LOL!